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Service, Play, and Connection

By Kyle, SEND Intern

Kyle is in the one-year internship program offered by SEND Ministries. He works as the Facilities Assistant, caring for the RIC grounds and helping with maintenance.

For our intern missions trip, we went to Indiana and volunteered at the Power House. If you don't know what the Power House is, it is an after school program for kids from 7th to 12th grade, where they can hang out in a safe place. During our time there we helped with some service projects. Some of it was as simple as cleaning the bathrooms and vacuuming, but we also remodeled a desk and set up the upstairs for a rummage sale fundraiser. We sorted all kinds of donated clothes, furniture, signs, houseware items, games, books, etc.

My favorite part of setting up for the rummage sale was when Bonnie (who has served at the Power House for the past 24 years) got a phone call from a friend who owns an artisan shop. This friend told Bonnie that they were closing down, and that she was allowed to take anything from their shop for the rummage sale. And so we went over and collected items to sell.

While our time was filled with service projects in the morning, we spent our afternoons playing with the youth. It was cool to be able to connect to the kids in a really short amount of time, by being able to play pool (which was my favorite), basketball, basketball on Xbox 360, and board games. We also had the privilege of going to two different youth groups to promote REACH. Hannah and I did a world trivia game for both of the youth groups. And then after we finished there was a time of worship that Trevor, Val, Damian, Alexis, and Emily lead. Luke gave the message.

“For me it was really encouraging to see the love that Bonnie has for the students.”During our trip, our team was able to meet a couple of the people who volunteer at the Power House. One of the volunteers we met had gone to the Power House when he was younger and it was really encouraging for me to hear his story. He is now on staff and spending time with kids going through things like what he’s been through. For me it was really encouraging to see the love that Bonnie has for the students. She definitely blessed us and we were able to bless her too. The Power House is definitely a wonderful program and God is doing a great thing there. I really enjoyed the week as a time to grow together as a team and serve at the Power House.