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He Will Provide

By Karly, RMM worker in Thailand

When Angie, Jake, and Karly moved to Pattaya, Thailand, last year, they were struck by the vast number of abandoned and abused children as a result of pervasive sex tourism in the city. While there are numerous organizations working to bring people out of this darkness, this team sent by Grace Mennonite Church feels called to work specifically with children who have been abused, abandoned, or trafficked. They are working to organize a group of homes that provide family-style settings for these children.

The journey to establish a foundation to care for orphans here in Pattaya, Thailand, is well underway. It’s been incredible to seek God through this process and see him provide and guide. We yearn for unity in this city in all sectors, non-governmental organizations, and local families. This is a time to unite together and work towards bringing the gospel and strengthening families. We feel God has clearly spoken to us to start a children’s home first and then hopefully a community center soon after. We are building relationships with different groups and individuals. We provide a weekly community outreach near our home that includes teaching English, instilling biblical values, playing games, sharing a snack and then praying together.

We want people to know there is no limit when you are serving God. God provides for all of your needs and brings everlasting Hope. Being here and watching that happen, has given us stories to share with others to help encourage and understand how truly faithful and loving God is.

Recently I met a woman and her two children on the streets of Pattaya and after an hour of getting to know her story, I could tell that she was not safe. She was not originally from Thailand, but had come with her children and now felt trapped. I contacted a friend who came to help. We took her to a secure home where they could stay for the next two nights. During those two days we were able to get her connected with a social worker who identified some of her most pressing needs and why she was on the streets. Eventually, she and her family were put on a bus to take them home, with another team waiting across the border to help get them home safely, get her a job, and get the children into school.

“You cannot help.
She is fine.
Keep walking.”
All this being said, when I first saw her on the street, I honestly wasn't going to stop. My human self and the devil himself spoke clearly to me: You cannot help. She is fine. Keep walking. So I walked past her and went to a coffee shop close by. An hour later I walked past again, but this time I stopped about ten feet past her. The Lord stopped me. I prayed and I told the Lord I don't know what to say or if she will even understand me. But he spoke, he led, she understood, and now she and her children are safe.

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the LORD of hosts.” Zechariah 4:6