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New Traditions, Same Reason: Christmas in the Middle East

By Judah and Rayna, RMM workers in the Middle East

It’s that time of year once again where we celebrate and remember what Jesus did for us by taking on flesh and living among us. Being overseas adds a different twist to the season which is normally filled with making memories, spending extra time with family, and celebrating with others.

We, of course, will miss those things here in our new city, but we are working to make it special anyway. This year, I made time in my schedule to make a batch of our favorite Christmas cookies and peanut butter chocolate candies.

“Though many other things change, what he has done for us and who he is never changes.”In the midst of things being different, the real meaning of Christmas does not change. That is the joy and blessing of walking with the Father. Though many other things change, what he has done for us and who he is never changes. We have the gift of friends who we will be celebrating with this year and we have each other. It will also be neat to celebrate with others who are newer followers and to experience it with them. I am thankful for these different gifts the Father has blessed us with.

Please take some time to remember all the workers and REACHers around the world who are experiencing this Christmas in new and different ways. Pray that they would find meaningful ways to remember and celebrate Jesus’ birth and also have opportunities to tell others about the miracle of God coming to earth and walking among us.