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“Show Me Your Glory”: A REACH Update

By Caleb, Team Indochina

Every Sunday night we have an hour-long time of worship where we sing songs and take communion. Worship is led by a new group each week, so it is a little different every time. This particular worship time was led by a guy who had taught us in an earlier session.

During the second to last song we sang, we were singing about falling face down and worshiping God’s glory. So, I knelt face down and asked God to show me his glory. In my mind’s eye, I got a vision of myself flying through space, moving past galaxy after galaxy, each containing millions of stars. God brought me to one galaxy, a completely random one in the great void of the universe. We “zoomed in” to one star within the galaxy and around this star was a red planet. He took me to the surface of this exoplanet, where the ground was red and the sky pink. He told me to pick up a rock and to look at it. As I did, he showed me that the atoms and molecules in this stone were intricately arranged. He let me know how he personally arranged the edges and contours of this stone on a planet in a solar system in a galaxy in a part of the universe far far away that will never be seen by anyone from Earth. With a single breath, God created each and every stone on every planet in all the universe and made each one unique.

Next, he showed me a lizard. Its skin became transparent and I saw each of the millions of blood vessels and organs, delicately arranged inside this unique being. God told me how he forged the paths of every vessel, every artery of every being on this Earth simply with the snap of his fingers.

I asked to see more. I saw a musical note and the sound waves that created the music. God showed me how he created this vibration of air molecules, a symphony of vibrations, a divine math equation that sings his praise.

He showed me that he programmed the laws of physics, logic, and mathematics without the slightest effort. A universal computer program created with the wave of a hand. I asked to see more.

He showed me a grassy lawn in which each blade of grass was built brick by brick out of tiny cells. He showed me how mountains erupted into volcanoes at the touch of his fingers. He showed me how he packed a shiny rock called uranium with the force of a supernova by squeezing it between his fingers.

But next, he showed me himself, sitting in a rocking chair, knitting something. I look closer; he is knitting together bones, joints, ligaments. Personally creating each and every one of us, creating me before I was born. “But finally I saw the most horrendous sight. This world-creator, this seed-planter, this architect of time and reality shrinking down, becoming a human, stooping down, and washing my feet.”“I knit you together,” he told me, “and the voice that created reality with four syllables and that destroys stars with the slightest breath is calling out to you and saying ‘Son, I love you. I want to spend eternity with you.’” Whoa, right?!

But finally, I saw the most horrendous sight. This world-creator, this seed-planter, this architect of time and reality shrinking down, becoming a human, stooping down, and washing my feet. What?! No! This is wrong! This omnipotent craftsman of billions of galaxies, this perfect creator had his wrists nailed to a plank of wood, and this master artist was murdered, just so that he could show me his love, and that I could spend eternity with him.

Suddenly, I am snapped back into the present. I am kneeling on the carpet, and another of my fellow students has rested his arm on me and is praying. It’s time to take communion.

Now, take and eat of the body and blood with that running through your mind.

As you marvel upon the glory of God through Caleb’s reflection, ask God to continue making himself known to those in the REACH program. Pray that they would take this love with them as they go on outreach later this month.