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Open Doors

By Judah and Rayna,* RMM workers in the Middle East

"Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one can shut."

In the country we are living in, this past month held a religious holiday that involved millions of animals being sacrificed. This provided us with opportunities to share about the sacrifice that we trust in. One afternoon during the holiday we visited a local coffee shop. Since there were few customers, the man running the shop spent a lot of time sitting and chatting with us. Because of the holiday, we struck up a conversation regarding sacrifices. Our friend was interested in hearing our view regarding sacrifices, which enabled us to share both about the ultimate sacrifice that was made, as well as other aspects of how we view the world. Even though he was not necessarily open to changing his thinking, he had the opportunity to hear the truth, and only the Father knows if or when the seed will sprout.

Rayna also had a very exciting door open for her this month. Rayna's friend was quite turned off by all of the animals that were killed over the holiday, and asked Rayna if there was a similar custom in our views. This provided Rayna the opportunity to explain how the final sacrifice has been made and no further animal sacrifices are required. Rayna gave her a copy of our book, which the girl has started to read and has said that she is really liking what she is reading. “…we don't know what will happen with the seed, but we are trusting the Father to help the seed to grow.”One day while Rayna was with her, she was even defending it to the people around her who were asking questions about it. Like the man, we don't know what will happen with the seed, but we are trusting the Father to help the seed to grow.

This past month, we also saw a door seem to open for us in another way, and we are trusting that no one will be able to shut it. After many months of seeking where the Father would have us live, we feel we have discovered the open door. At the end of this month we will be making a transition to another city about eight hours east of where we are currently living. Initially, we will be doing a six-month trial period before making a final commitment to the things going on there.

There will be two main things we will be involved in. Judah will be helping with a business startup aimed at providing work to people who are not able to find work otherwise because of their chosen beliefs. As a freelance company, Judah will be trying to line up work projects for the various people. In addition to this, we will be connecting with the current fellowship in the city and endeavoring to deepen the walks of the people in that group. Even though we will be making this transition in a few short weeks, we are still working out some of the logistics, specifically residence permit details, and this is where we are trusting that "no one can shut" the door that is before us.

Please pray for Judah, Rayna, and their family as they prepare to leave their current city. Pray for healthy closure and that the seeds they planted would sprout and grow even after they move.

*Names changed for security