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An All-powerful God: Reflections During Ramadan

By Eugene,* RMM worker in North Africa

As I sit here looking at a blank piece of paper thinking about what I should write, my neighbors and friends are out and about like any other day – except they are not eating or drinking. Yes, Ramadan is here once again.

Yesterday evening I went out to the local café I normally go to. I wanted to see what was going on since Ramadan was starting. I sat down and began talking to my friend. It wasn’t long until he asked me the question I knew would come: “Are you going to fast?”

I turned to him and responded by saying that no, I wasn’t. He paused for a moment and said to me, “Fasting is good for you.”

I decided to take the opportunity and responded, “I know. Jesus tells us to fast. Fasting is good.”

This launched us into about a fifteen-minute one-sided conversation about Jesus and how he is not God and how God would not lower himself to be a human. However, in the middle of this my friend made the comment that “God is all powerful and he even tells the water where to stop.”

“We feel inadequate most of the time but know that God chooses at times to work and speak through willing vessels.”After a little while he stopped and I asked him a question that I hope stuck with him. “If God is all-powerful and even tells the water where to stop, why couldn’t he decide to make himself into the form of a man and come spend time with his creation?” He instantly thought it was a crazy idea but I pray he remembers it.

Short conversations like this are what my wife Katrina* and I pray for. We feel inadequate most of the time but know that God chooses at times to work and speak through willing vessels.

Many RMM workers live in parts of the world where Islam is the main religion. As one of the five pillars of their faith, Muslims partake in Ramadan: a month of fasting during the day and feasting at night. This year it lasts from May 15 to June 14. Please take this time to pray for and extend God’s love to Muslims around the world. Also pray for our workers to have meaningful interactions and opportunities to share hope.
*Names changed for security