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I Am Just Like Them: A REACH Update

By Morgan, Team Thailand

A few days ago my teammates and I were led for the first time through areas of Bangkok that we, up to that point, had only heard about. An area filled with so many broken people in search of fulfillment. As we walked through floors upon floors of closed curtains, cracked open doors, and bars filled with people, it was easy to feel a sense of hopelessness and desperation. But as we continued passing through, I couldn’t help but think, I am just like them!

I am a sinner in need of a savior.

I am in need of grace.

I have a Father who has a heart for His people and He’s calling me to Himself and pursuing my heart.

I, apart from the Father, am hopeless.

As we silently walked through different areas of Bangkok, my heart was saddened to see the darkness that loomed in those streets. I couldn’t help but wonder what the Father was thinking about it all and how His heart was breaking for these people, even more than mine was. In addition to asking for these souls to know the Father and place their identity in Him, I felt led to specifically lift up His little children: to protect their minds despite them being exposed to unhealthy lifestyles, to show them what family and relationships are supposed to look like, to bring people into their lives to tell them about Him, and to escape the cycles of hopelessness and dead ends, and enter into a relationship with the Father.

I invite you to fight along with us in the battle of ending the cycle of human trafficking. It’s easy to forget or underestimate the power of talking to the Father, but we’ve been called to come to the Father on behalf of our hurting brothers and sisters who don’t yet know His heart.

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