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Introducing Aaron: SEND Prayer Coordinator

By Lydia Gingerich

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing our 2018 SEND Interns. This group of seven REACH graduates will spend the year deepening their relationship to God and his Kingdom through serving at the RIC and being discipled by the SEND Department. RMM is grateful for their hard work and is excited to see them grow this year.

As the 2018 SEND prayer coordinator, Aaron leads prayer-related activities during REACH and City Challenge as well as within the SEND intern team. Aaron’s family currently resides in Goshen, Indiana (where he lived for the first part of his childhood), but they have also lived in Plain City, Ohio, and Richmond, Kentucky.

In his free time, Aaron likes to play and listen to music. Aaron first began playing instruments while living in Ohio while his father worked as the SEND Ministries Director. When he was 12 he received a guitar from a REACH participant and has since learned to play electric guitar, bass, ukulele, and a bit of piano.

“We had to learn to trust in God and be ready for whatever.”In 2016-17, Aaron traveled to the Himalayas as a REACH participant. “Many times we would have a plan, and then it would just get completely botched and we'd do something completely different. We had to learn to trust in God and be ready for whatever.” Aaron hopes to continue deepening his reliance on God this year, and help others do the same.

Pray for Aaron and all of the SEND interns to put their trust in God as they serve at the RIC this year.