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Called to Faithfulness: A REACH Update

By Isaac F, Team Himalayas team leader

As I walk up the rough stone steps, I breathe deep. Not only because the walk is making me short of breath, but also because I want to enjoy the cool crisp air. It is mountain air – cool winds blown down from snowy peaks – mixed with the sunlight that shines down as the sun nears the noon position. As I continue to climb, the sound of rushing water grows louder in my ears. Finally, I reach the top and view the massive waterfall. It is several hundred feet in height, and continually unleashes several hundred gallons of water into the large pool below. It is a beautiful sight and as I get out my phone to take pictures there is a small voice in my head that says, “Wait. Just enjoy this. Look around.” I take several pictures, but then try and take a moment to soak up my surroundings. In front of me is the waterfall – beautiful, powerful. Then I walk to a small building painted red and white sitting to the right of the falls. On shelves along the outside are many candles, not burning, but small and spent. Brass bells also hang on the side of the building. I look into the building and see what has become a normal sight – a small statue of some god and stone plaques that have prayers engraved into their surface. All is cold, lifeless, and hopeless.

As we encounter these shrines I have started to talk to the Father about the people who visit them. Recently we went to a large temple in the northern mountains. It was an impressive place where you could see mountains all around. At the temple there were numerous fountains pouring out of a concrete wall. The belief is that if you run under all the fountains and bathe in the pools of water you achieve eternal life. As I walked around and observed people lighting candles, burning incense, and running through freezing water, I couldn’t help but feel hopeless. These high places should be places of adoration to the Creator, not to created false deities. We gathered in the place and spoke to the Father together on behalf of the people there. As we spoke we lifted up songs to the true One and proclaimed his power and goodness in that place. When we were done I felt as though we had done work. I can think back to days on the farm when I would go out and mow the fields, fix a fence line, or chop some firewood. When I was done I could see the result of my work and I felt like I had accomplished something. It was that kind of feeling. It was a peace coming over me.

“So often we want to do his work, but sometimes our work is inviting Him to do his work.”One thing I am learning in my time here is what the work of our Father looks like. So often we want to do his work, but sometimes our work is inviting him to do his work. So often I gauge what is worthwhile by the results I see in the time I see them. But we are called to be faithful to our Father and the work he has set before us. There are days where all we did “for him” was lifting different people and circumstances to him. There are days that if we haven’t spoken to a gathering of brothers and sisters, or if we haven’t helped to rebuild a house, it can feel like we aren’t working for the Kingdom. I have been reminded of what we are called to here: faithfulness. I must be faithful to each of my teammates; to lift them up to the Father. I must be faithful to lift those around me, both believers and nonbelievers, to the Father. There is work to be done all around us. Let us be faithful in asking the Holy Spirit to move. Let us be faithful with what we have been given, which is access to the Throne where the Son intercedes on our behalf. Let us be faithful in the work we have been given.

As you remember Team Himalayas, please pray for continued openness and unity between the team. Ask that they would be hearing the Father’s voice and that they would be speaking through the Holy Spirit and not on their own strength.

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