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Being Still, Not Passive: A REACH Update

By Paige, Team Mediterranean

My heart is full – full of love, full of joy, and full of life that the Father has graciously given me these past few months. He has provided several amazing friends that have played major roles in the fullness of my heart. They have opened their lives to me and shown me incredible kindness. At the same time though, my heart is heavy – heavy from the thought that a lot of those friends aren’t believers. The more time I spend with them, the more I can see hurt and confusion in some of their eyes. It is so painful to see the darkness they are in. They are longing for truth, longing for the Father. They are some of the best people I have ever met, but without genuine faith in the Son, that means nothing.

Throughout the past couple of weeks, the lostness of my friends has weighed heavily on my mind. The enemy can come flooding in with lies that tell me I am not doing or saying enough to help my friends. He can attack with feelings of anxiousness, pressure, and sadness. He tells me that it’s on me to save my friends and that I am doing a terrible job at it – but that is a lie. It is my job to love them and show them who the Father is through my life, but not to save them, that is for the Father alone to do. In the Word it says, “[He] will fight for you; you need only to be still,” (Exodus 14:14) so all of the negative thoughts and feelings are not true and not from the Father. He will fight this battle, I need only to be still.

The other day during our team devotion time we read in the Word something that sounds very similar to the verse I mentioned above. He says, “Be still, and know that I am the Father; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Often, when I read these verses I think that I should just sit back and do nothing. I mean, it does say be still right? Yes, it does say that, but I think I was misunderstanding the point of it. The Father is not asking us to be still, sit back, and do nothing. Instead, to step into the fight and the darkness of this world, trusting him fully with a heart that is still in his intimate presence and peace. It’s finally starting to click in my head. “I felt the Father asking me to step into the darkness these friends live in to fight for them…”
Being still does not mean being passive. It means being bold enough to step into the fray in the Father’s strength, not my own, with full confidence that he will be exalted among the nations, he will be exalted in the earth, he will fight for me. Trusting him is not passive but active; we actively trust him by doing the hard things with confidence in him and his power.

After realizing this I started thinking through what this looks like for my life. I felt the Father asking me to step into the darkness these friends live in to fight for them; to fight hard for them in prayer, to season my speech with his grace and to be gentle and kind to them for the sake of the kingdom. I can’t force my beliefs on them and I can’t save them, but I can live my life and love them in ways that point to the one who can save them.

Please pray for Team Mediterranean as they work in the strength of the Father and for his glory. Also, pray that their friends would see Jesus in them and that God would draw them to himself.

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