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The Greatest Commandment: A REACH Update

By Paige, REACH Team Mediterranean

My whole life I thought that serving the Father meant I had to do all these great things like build a school, work in an orphanage on the other side of the world, teach English, etc; and yes, those are all awesome ways to serve and love, and people are called to that, but I often thought of those things as the only way to serve. I discounted the value and importance of simply loving people and building strong relationships through everyday life where my feet are. Though we have had some things to do this past month of being in Spain, our main thing has been building relationships with people and seeking to encourage and support them. At times, I would do the whole comparison thing (I finally understand the quote, “comparison is the thief of joy”) and would get discouraged because I felt like I wasn’t doing enough or as much as other people.

Thankfully, on my day off this week, I took most of the day to listen to what the Father had to say about it all and he, of course, was faithful to speak truth to my heart.

“Paige, what if all I ask you to do is love? To let your heart open wide and love deeply, vulnerably and selflessly, for the good of others. What if I don’t ask you to travel the world again or do any of the things you think are great? What if all I ask you to do is to spend time with hurting people and to listen to them – to love them like I do? Is that enough for you? It’s enough for me.”

My mind was blown. How could I miss that? Why would I ever think that building relationships and simply being with people wasn’t enough? I mean, even in the Word it tells us that the greatest command is to love the Father and the second is to love our neighbor. My little human mind likes to complicate things at times, but praise him for grace. Praise him for the opportunities we have right now to love his people. He has given us some great friends this past month and I feel honored that we get to do life with them for this short season. It is enough.

Whatever season you are in – whether you feel like you aren’t doing a whole lot or like you are so busy you that you’ll never catch up – know that being willing and choosing to love and point those around you to the gentle, loving Father is enough. He desires your heart, not your works.

Please keep this team in your prayers as they continue to build relationships and move into different seasons of life in Spain. Their time in Malaga is coming to an end and they will soon have to say goodbye to several new friends.

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