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Open Doors: Three Stories of God’s Provision

The following are three reports from both long and short-term RMM workers who are seeing God create opportunities for them in their different locations. Praise God for letting us be a part of growing his Kingdom!


By Jonatan

I have been helping some of the new Chinese students learn the Thai language because when they come to the university they do not speak Thai. It is very difficult for them when they try to communicate with people and when they want to buy something or order food. So every evening I help them with homework and practicing speaking.

Helping with Thai language has opened doors for me to get closer with Chinese students and build stronger friendships. It is a good opportunity to show Jesus’ love and to be a light and a testimony for them with my behavior. I am also looking for opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus more openly.

Please pray for all of the work here in Thailand. Pray for all of my friends at the university – that God would continue working in their hearts, and for me, that I can have a good testimony for them.

North Africa

By Cora

In my language classes I have been motivated to really know the scriptures for myself and to be ready to give an answer when people have questions. There have been times when my teacher stops me in the middle of an activity and says, “I have a question” and then goes on to ask me some deeply spiritual question. When it happened this past week I struggled to answer her in a complete manner. After struggling a few minutes, I had a great idea…“Let’s read about it and see what Jesus says about the topic.” We then spent the rest of class reading Jesus’ words concerning her question. After the fact I realized that God used my weakness for his glory, because it was better for her to read about it for herself than to hear my interpretation of it. This is encouraging to me and I sit in classes like this, amazed that I can be a part of this. Please be praying for my language teacher and the journey she is on in seeking God!

The Himalayas

By Isaac, REACH Team Leader

What a great opportunity it is to be able to be here. It is not always easy and there are many things that can become frustrations if you let them. I find that whatever we do from day to day, whether that be speaking, teaching or helping to rebuild, we must keep focus on the Father and Son. There is a work being done here that is greater than anyone of us can do on our own. Much of that work may go unseen to us in the present time, but we are looking forward to a day when all things will be revealed and we will be able to see the great work that the Father was doing. We are but a small part of the large picture, but as we continue to strive to be faithful in the time and place we have been placed, we look always to the son. For in the son there is light and life.

What are the doors God is opening in your life? Please pray that God would help us see the opportunities he gives us every day.