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Jesus Loves the Little Children

By Nixson, RMM worker in Thailand

In this second update from Bangkok, Nixson shares about the eye-opening experience of teaching children at a local elementary school.

Since starting to teach in May, I am understanding more and more the reasons most Thai people do not respond to the gospel in a positive way and how Buddhism is so deeply engrained in the culture. Every morning the children spend between one and two hours learning from a Buddhist monk and praying and chanting to Buddha. There is a chant they all have memorized that they say every day: “Buddhism is our religion and we will be Buddhist wherever we go. Buddha is not here anymore, but we are his disciples and will follow his teachings.” It is sad for me to hear the students say this every day, and it helps me realize why it is so hard for them to accept the truth of Jesus. Buddhist teachings are taught to them from the time they are young, so there are deep roots in their lives.

“The students that I teach need to know that God created them and loves them and that Jesus already died to save them.”Most of the students at the school come from low-income homes where parents work hard to get by and are not very present in raising and disciplining their children. This presents a challenge to the teachers at the school because the students are not learning to behave at home. I have heard many teachers using degrading terms or hitting students when they misbehave. I have made it my goal to find ways to discipline my students with love and respect, and not out of anger and frustration. There are times that I have to be strict and firm with them, but I try to make sure that they understand why I need to discipline them and that I care about them. Sometimes I feel frustrated with their behavior and I want to react negatively towards them, but I ask God for patience and that he would help me to see them through his eyes.

At times it is easy to feel hopeless when I see so much darkness around me. But I know that with God, anything is possible. God wants Thai unbelievers to know him and his love the way that we do. The students that I teach need to know that God created them and loves them and that Jesus already died to save them. This has challenged me to show them the love that Jesus has for them. I am trusting that God can use me to shine the light of Jesus into their lives through the way I teach and care for them.

Please pray for Nixson and his wife Rhonda as they continue to serve and learn in Thailand. Pray that God would continue to draw Thai unbelievers close to him.