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Encouraging Epiphany: A REACH Update

By Bri, Team Montana

This past week we continued following our normal schedule. We did, however, switch things up a little bit for Wednesday night youth group. Most of the time we split up and go to three different youth groups, but instead, we all came together for a volleyball night.

Team Montana and some others played against the youth group that I usually attend. The youth group is almost all girls, most of whom have played volleyball only a handful of times, but they were still willing to give it a try. Our team ended up getting beat. I’m not going to lie, it hurt my pride a bit because most of us had played volleyball many times before that. Something about how the other team played together really intrigued me. They were encouraging each other and cheering each other on the whole game. Normally they are a fairly quiet bunch, but that night they were filling the tiny gym with their not-so-tiny voices.

“Everything we do is a group effort. We are called to help one another, to encourage one another, and to teach one another.”I could see the community they had, encouraging each person, helping the ones that hadn’t ever played before, and everyone seemed to be contributing in some way or another. At times there were girls who would miss the ball, but instead of going in front of them, the girls that knew how to play would encourage them to try again. They would give tips on what to do the next time, so their whole team seemed to be improving as the night went on. That is what I want for our team and for all of the Father’s community. Everything we do is a group effort. We are called to help one another, to encourage one another, and to teach one another.

As a leader, there are times when I am tempted to just step in to get the job done. The Father has been reminding me more often to step back, be the encourager, or just give some advice so my team can grow more and more. Each person has a gift that they have been entrusted with to bring honor and glory to our Father. How incredible it is when the community works together the way the Son intended!

Along with that, the Father has been showing me the need we have for community. I am reminded how important it is for our team to spend time together to become more unified. We need one another for encouragement as we go about our daily routines. On the other hand, it is also so important that we build relationships here and expand our community. We have come to help grow the community in this place and to support the family that is already established.

Please pray Team Montana would make time to stay unified and that relationships with their community would continue to grow deeper and stronger.

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