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Locally Grown: Reading for the Kingdom

By Tim and Londa Yoder, Maple Glen Mennonite Church

When my daughter learned to read, I wanted to find a way to give her an incentive to continue reading over the summer. I knew of other groups that arranged read-a-thons and I decided to organize one to raise money for missions.

I invited the other children in our church to participate in the fundraiser. At the beginning of July, the bravest child made an announcement in front of the church about the read-a-thon. The children took responsibility to find sponsors to donate money to them based on how many pages or books they read. At the end of the month, after the money was collected, the children reported back to the congregation with the amount of money raised.

“I want the children to know this is one way they can be part of building God’s Kingdom.” I wanted the children to take ownership of it, so I let them choose between several mission organizations to which they could send the money. The first year (2016), we recently had RMM workers Judah and Rayna* speak at our church, so that was fresh in the children’s minds and they wanted to give to that couple.

The children are already excited about being a part of the read-a-thon next year. Our son, who is just learning to read, is also looking forward to next summer when he can participate.

This year the money was split between RMM and Voice of the Martyrs. I want the children to know this is one way they can be part of building God’s Kingdom.

RMM is grateful for the giving hearts of these motivated children and the adults who assist them. This year the children of Maple Glen raised $1500 and half of that amount went to RMM workers in the Middle East. How are the children in your church helping to build the Kingdom of God? Contact mosaic@rmmoffice.org with your stories.

*Names changed for security