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Wow, Has It Been Busy: An Update from Thailand

By Karly, RMM worker in Thailand

If you search Pattaya on Google, what do you find? The words tourist, walking street, and sex will pop up. Not many people come to this city for a calm place to find their rest within the Lord; but for our family, that’s exactly what God has given us. With all the darkness and sin surrounding us, God has made his beauty bold here! We can feel within our hearts this beauty and comfort.

We have lived here for one month and wow, has it been busy. We spent the first two weeks in meetings with founders and co-founders of different organizations and met with the pastor and his wife from the church that we are currently attending. We also had the opportunity to do some ministry work by teaching English in one of the poorer neighborhoods with one of the organizations. Jacob has also been doing some extra handy-man work that is needed in the community. I've already seen two moms and two daughters come to the Lord and witnessed Buddhist believers coming forward for prayer in Jesus’ name. Praise God!

“There’s a movement and change happening here in this city and it’s an honor for us to be able to be a part of it!”The Lord is here and we not only see it, but feel it! We have also met some amazing people on fire for Jesus. There’s a movement and change happening here in this city and it’s an honor for us to be able to be a part of it!

God is also bringing change to our lives. A long time ago the Lord placed on Jacob’s heart a desire to pursue the area of public speaking and preaching. He's been praying for the Lord to open a door for some type of schooling or training to help in this area. A few weeks ago, during a meeting with our pastor here, our pastor shared with us how he trains people and helps them become better public speakers with more confidence in preaching. This was an exciting moment for us. We truly feel like this is a door God has opened for Jacob, and we are both excited to see him engage in this new path. We believe this is something that God wants Jacob to do now, to be used in the future in some way or form. We are excited! Praise the Lord for this opportunity.

Pray for Jacob, Karly, their two boys, and their teammate Angie as they work on getting longer-term visas, connect with more foundations in Pattaya, and seek God for guidance in future ministry.