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Finding Treasure in Flint: A REACH Update

By Paige, REACH Team Mediterranean

It’s amazing how much the Father will speak to you when you silence yourself and listen. It’s exciting how much he will guide and lead you when you ask him and once again, listen. This past week our team experienced his leading us in an awesome way. We spent the week in Flint, Michigan, for practicum, which is a week where all the teams go to different places to work with a variety of outreaches and people that will hopefully prepare them for their overseas outreach. It’s also a time for the teams to connect deeper and test out life on their own.

On our second day in Flint, our outreach coordinator, Lynette, came up with a treasure hunt for us to do as a team. The treasure hunt was not really structured but was designed to be led by the Holy Spirit. We all got a piece of paper with specific questions to ask the Father (i.e. for a place, person, color, etc.), and we were supposed to go off by ourselves for a while to listen for answers and then come back and compare our answers to see where we would go and who we would find. Once we all gathered again we were so excited to see how the Father was laying a lot of the same things on our hearts. We ended up going downtown towards a coffee shop that one of us saw and there we found Robert, who is an older homeless man that was in a blue hoodie and a baseball cap. Those are weird details to give about him, but when we were asking the Father the questions for the treasure hunt, several of us saw an older man, some saw the color blue, and one saw an older man in a baseball cap – and to top it off he was right by the coffee shop we saw. How cool is that! The Father led us right to him! We got to talk with him for a while and hear a little of his story and then we all talked to the Father together. I thought that our time with Robert was just for that moment, but we ended up getting to spend a lot of time with him and encouraging him throughout the week.

“He will lead us to hungry and hurting people for us to love…” The place we worked with has a center for homeless people to stop in and hang out when Lynette is there; they can also get breakfast on Mondays and Tuesdays. Robert has been going to the center for a little while now so whenever we were there we got to hang out with him. It was amazing to see how the Father used the treasure hunt to start new friendships and to lead us to someone who really needed to be encouraged and loved. It didn’t take much for us to start building a relationship with Robert, just getting out of our comfort zones and being obedient to go where we felt our Father leading us. This treasure hunt is a brilliant idea that anyone can do anywhere. He will lead us to hungry and hurting people for us to love, that’s exactly what he wants us to do, so why wouldn’t he lead us?

In what ways is the Father asking you to get out of your comfort zone to see the treasures he has for you?