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A Vision of the Night

By Lydia Gingerich

This story comes from a conversation with Tom, RMM regional director for Asia. Tom and other members of the Thailand team have been involved with a group of believers in a neighboring Southeast Asian country. To learn more about this group, read Fuel on the Fire: New Sparks of Faith in Southeast Asia.

“For God does speak—now one way, now another—
   though no one perceives it.
In a dream, in a vision of the night,
   when deep sleep falls on people
   as they slumber in their beds.” (Job 33:14-15 NIV)

Mari woke up afraid and unsettled from a dream implying her upcoming death. What did the dream mean? Was she going to die soon? As she asked others what they thought of her dream, many told her to talk to Lan – a friend of her brother-in-law. Mari did now know much about Lan, but she had heard that he believed in an unseen God who healed and forgave people.

“That’s right, you are going to die,” Lan told Mari after she recounted her dream. “But I can tell you how to find new life.” Then Lan proceeded to share with her about the new life that is found in God’s son, Jesus. The story captivated Mari, and she began to develop a faith in God. A few days later Lan took Mari and her husband, Lot, to church. At the end of the service, Lot told Lan that he also believed. Mari and Lot asked to be baptized as a sign of their new faith.

In the time since Mari and Lot’s conversion, the couple returned to their village where their personal lack of education and money attributed a low status to them. But as a daughter and son of the king, they hold firm to the knowledge of their eternal standing. They study the Bible together, worship with a small group in their village, and enjoy teaching their daughter about God.

Life looks different now for Mari and Lot. Before his decision to follow God, Lot was a Buddhist, but he never asked any questions about his religion. In his new relationship with Jesus, he is deeply curious – always wanting to study the Bible for greater insight. Lot feels called to pray for his village and live as a Christian witness to his neighbors. Mari finds many opportunities to share the good news in natural ways with her friends. Some men have made fun of Lot for his change of lifestyle and have even tried to force him to drink alcohol, but even through this resistance the couple remains excited about their faith and are an encouragement to believers around them. Mari and Lot pray about what they should do each day, and they thank God for the way he has changed their family.

Tom adds that he has been impressed by Lot’s growth – Lot is eager to learn and has a vision for spreading the gospel in his village. Pray that God would continue revealing himself to people in cities and villages all over Southeast Asia.