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More than an Adventure: Introducing Jada

By Lydia Gingerich

“I have a deep passion to join the fight against the injustices in this world, and to bring God’s healing to victims of sex slavery.” As one of the largest centers of human trafficking, Bangkok is the perfect place for Jada to participate in this work. Jada joins RMM’s team in Thailand and will partner with a local organization that aids in the liberation and recovery of those wounded by the slave industry.

Jada, raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, was exposed to many countries and cultures through her mother’s work as a flight attendant. As Jada grew older, she learned about the reality of human slavery that exists not only in countries far away, but also in North America. She was filled with a desire to help these vulnerable people be released from the grip of those who are treating them not as people, but as a means to make money.

Her desire to help the hurting and make disciples of Jesus led her to REACH in 2014. As a part of Team South Asia, Jada learned to “depend on God for everything – from preaching a sermon with five minutes of preparation to working through personal struggles and interpersonal team issues.” During this time her appreciation for other cultures was deepened, and she gained a new perspective on overseas missions. Jada says that in the past she would not have known “all the commitment and dedication it takes, viewing missions much more as a great adventure,” but adds, “thankfully, it’s still that too.”

“…she prays God can use her to set free, heal, and love these ladies like Jesus would…”Jada will be working with Samaritan’s Creation to help women and children get out of slavery and find sustainable work. The specific ministry Jada plans to join is a café and bakery which provides funding for the organization as well as job opportunities for ladies who have been rescued. This particular position fits well with Jada’s experience of working in the food industry here in America at two different coffee shops, a bulk foods market, and an orchard.

Jada seeks to join in God’s work of bringing restoration to the lives of these women and future guidance for their life after healing. She knows that as she serves, she will face cultural barriers and spiritual warfare, but she prays God can use her to “set free, heal, and love these ladies like Jesus would, and help them to a place that they can stand on their own with confidence and faith in Jesus Christ.”

Please pray for Jada as she immerses herself in Thai culture. Pray that she would build meaningful friendships, and that God would be preparing her heart for the work he has for her in Thailand. Also pray for the rest of the RMM team in Thailand as many of them are involved in ministering to victims of human trafficking. Pray that they can be a vessel of God’s redemption to those without hope.