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A Hushed Conversation

By Judah,* RMM worker in the Middle East

In the midst of the daily grind of language study, we never know what surprises the Father has in store for us. These surprises include some maybe not so comfortable things as well as some good things.

As typically happens at my language school, most of the students show up late to class. This tardiness may range anywhere from ten to forty-five minutes late. One day, I was the only one in the classroom when the “While not being interested in reading the Bible, she definitely sees the failure in the system here.”teacher arrived for class. Since no other students were there, my teacher and I started chatting to pass the time before the other students arrived. Out of curiosity, she asked me if there are actually people in America who do not use electricity and drive cars. I informed her that, yes, there are actually people who live that way, and that it is not just in the movies. The conversation quickly turned into why people lived that way. At this point, my teacher started looking around and talking in a hushed voice stating that she can only talk until some of my other middle-eastern classmates arrive. She proceeded to share some of her thoughts on both religion as a whole and also her thoughts on the predominate religion in this country. While not being interested in reading the Bible, she definitely sees the failure in the system here. This whole time, she was continuing to talk in a hushed voice as well as regularly glancing at the door to make sure the "wrong" students did not enter the classroom. As soon as one did arrive, the subject quickly changed. I do not know what the Father has in mind for this connection, but I want to use the opportunities he places before me to be salt and light.

Judah and Rayna* ask for prayer in continued growth to understand the language, direction in finding like-minded people to encourage and be encouraged by, and increased connections.

*Names changed for security