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My Field

By Eugene,* RMM worker in North Africa

This month marks half a year in North Africa for Eugene, Katrina,* and their two children. Eugene shares about getting to know their city and seeing God at work in it.

On a cool January day in Pennsylvania, I had stood in my doorway looking out across the empty farmland, and I had wondered what field (neighborhood) God was going to place me in. Just as the field in January was waiting for spring to arrive and for the farmer to come plant, I knew God had a field that was waiting for me.

Jump six months ahead. I am now standing in my field. The field is a city in North Africa, and as I walk through my field I am getting to know its type of soil. In my field I have young people who are desperate for a new start. They come from all over the southern end of the country to a university. They come with the dream of studying and then making a life for themselves. This makes my field very full and busy. Café’s with free internet are always filled with these young people studying or just hanging out. Two of those young people have graduated from the university in the last few years and are looking for work, but in the meantime are tutoring Katrina and myself. Both are bright and very helpful. We are thankful for their willingness to come teach us.

In my field there are also five young entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity and went together and started a business. Their opportunity was washing and detailing cars in this dry and dusty place. This one-door garage opens at 8:00am and is always moving cars through until the door closes at 8:00 or 9:00pm. They hand wash the outside and vacuum and clean the inside until it shines – all for the equivalent of about four American dollars.

"Will God’s rain come and make the seeds grow? To these questions, I have to believe and trust that the answer is yes for myself and for the people of this field."God also knew that I would need someone who had a history with this field, someone who could introduce me to it, and someone to help me learn about it. Meet Omar – Omar is a very welcoming and light-hearted man. Every day he stands around the corner from my house. He is what they call a guardian. His job is to stand at a parking area on the corner of an intersection and help direct traffic. He is a people-person for sure. You can tell that he loves his job by the smile on his face and the friendly wave he sends my way every time I pass. I was introduced to Omar not long after we moved into our home. I was told he may be able to help find me a tutor. So I went along with a friend who knew him and was introduced. Omar has been a bright spot in my field ever since. He did connect me with the young man who is my tutor now, and he has continued to introduce me to more friends of his.

As I stand in my field, feeling out of place and inadequate at times, I wonder what the future holds for me and this field. Will God place in my hands the tools that are needed to work the field? Will God continue to strengthen my hands for the work ahead? Will God’s rain come and make the seeds grow? To these questions, I have to believe and trust that the answer is yes for myself and for the people of this field.

As you pray that the Holy Spirit would come and give life to this field, think about the field you are placed in and the ways God is asking you to labor in it.

*Names changed for security