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Trip to China

By Jonatan, RMM worker in Thailand

I want to thank God because he has been good to me, taking me to places that I never thought to go, and giving me the opportunity to know new people every day.

Recently, I received an invitation from Li, my university roommate, to go spend time with his family in China. I was very excited about this new adventure, but at the same time, I was afraid, because I would be the first foreigner to stay in their home. After five hours of flying, we arrived at the Shanghai airport. The family was waiting for us there and welcomed me very kindly. I spent two weeks in their house and got to know their beliefs, behavior, and some social problems they face. Every day we made food together, went to different tourist attractions, and met many friends of my roommate and families close to them.

“I saw thousands of people who had never heard the name of Jesus with no one who could speak to them of the true God.”During the last week of our trip, we traveled twelve hours by train to a town in northern China, where Li’s grandparents’ live. The farming community had no more than 100 houses. I really enjoyed the time in this small village because it reminded me of my home and people in Nicaragua. Every morning we woke up early to help Li’s grandfather plant fruit trees. The last three days we went to the rubber factory where Li’s father is one of the owners and we talked with the people working there about what they do and possible opportunities for me to work there in the future.

This trip to China was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I met many people and learned about Chinese culture, but what impacted me most was to see the big need for God in this place. I saw thousands of people who had never heard the name of Jesus with no one who could speak to them of the true God.

I ask for your prayers for wisdom. I know God took me to this place with the purpose of looking at the needs of the people, but I do not yet know how I can do my part so that they know about Jesus and the good news of salvation. Also, pray for Li and his family. They opened their house to me, and I hope someday they can be open to hearing about Jesus, I know God has a purpose for them.