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The Unruly Bull

By Nixon, RMM worker in Thailand

Rhonda and Nixson joined the RMM Bangkok team as a couple in 2015 after working there separately for a number of years. During this time they have connected with and helped disciple many individuals from Thailand and neighboring countries who have moved to the city for better economic or educational opportunities. Some of these connections were made in coordination with the Rosedale Business Group (RBG). From their interactions with a Southeast Asian believer comes the following story.

RBG has recently financed several projects in Southeast Asia, enabling Asian believers to bring the Gospel to the marketplace. One of these projects was to support Lan in a cattle raising project. On one occasion when Lan and two of his friends went to buy some cows in a neighboring village, they met a man, discussed prices, and decided to buy several cows and a bull from him. The owner warned them to be careful with the bull, as it was known to be very dangerous. In the past, sorcery and idols or amulets were the only ways to make the bull obey them.

“…they walked to the bull, grabbed the rope around his neck, and led him right into the trailer with no fight.”Lan and his friends loaded the cows into the trailer first then deliberated ways to load the bull. One of his friends was a new believer at the time while the other did not profess to be a Christian. They tried without success to make the bull obey them. Lan decided to pray that God would help them to load the bull into the trailer. After he prayed, they walked to the bull, grabbed the rope around his neck, and led him right into the trailer with no fight.

The village people watching were shocked and asked him how he was able to make the bull obey him. They said that no one had ever been able to control the bull without casting some kind of spell. Lan had the opportunity to share with them about God and that through praying to God for help he was able to load the bull. He didn’t need sorcery or magic or any other kind of spirits to help him. That day, Lan’s friends as well as the people in the village saw the power of God at work.