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The Power House

The 2017 SEND Interns (Paige, Josh, Janelle, Sarah, Jenny, Amy, Cameron) on their way to serve at The Power House in New Haven, Indiana.

By Paige Chupp, SEND Ministries Intern

When I look back on my past it amazes me to see how God has redeemed me in areas that I once thought completely hopeless. The song “Great Are You Lord,” by All Sons and Daughters, speaks so much truth and power about this kind of restoration, and how God longs to restore his people (if you are not familiar with this song, have a listen below). The lyrics fill me with hope and remind me of the countless verses in scripture, especially in the Old Testament, where God’s people were in rebellion against him. All they had to do was turn from their wicked ways and trust him again, and he would redeem them! That’s what God wants from us today too. He wants us to repent of our evil, fleshly ways and trust solely in him. He wants to redeem us; this truth is written all throughout the Bible. Often it’s hard to see and believe those truths and promises, especially if they aren’t right there in front of us, but that doesn’t change the truth about who God is. God IS moving, he IS restoring, and he IS redeeming. Even through everyday life in a small Indiana town.

A few weeks ago, we (the SEND Interns) worked with a ministry called The Power House in New Haven, Indiana. The ministry has been there for over 20 years – pouring love and service into the community. They offer a place for middle school and high school students to come hang out and do homework for a few hours after school Monday through Thursday. On Friday night they host a dance party and hangout place for the students to be in a fun and safe environment. While there, we did service projects in the community, helped set up a rummage sale fundraiser, and loved on the kids that came to hang out after school.

“He uses our small and big acts of obedience to bring life, love, light, restoration, and healing.”Though at times it didn’t seem like we were doing all that much and didn’t get to see the direct fruits of some of our labor, we got to see a lot of fruit from past and current staff members and volunteers. We were blessed to go out to eat with one of the students and hear his incredible testimony. Unfortunately, he came from a broken family and was abused physically and emotionally. He told us how he started getting involved in The Power House, and through several staff members pouring love and Jesus into his life, he gave his life to God. Since then he has been building a personal relationship with God and digging deeper into scripture. Because of the volunteers’ acts of love and obedience to God’s command to make disciples of all nations, this student and so many more have come to know and love Jesus. It probably hasn’t always been glamorous and easy, but just seeing the way the students look up to the staff and hearing their stories of God’s redemption in their lives, shows that the effort is definitely worth the sacrifice.

We don’t always get to see the fruit of the things God calls us to do, especially the little everyday things, but God still uses them to speak life and love into the lives of others while drawing them to himself. He uses our small and big acts of obedience to bring life, love, light, restoration, and healing. Consider the student’s testimony from The Power House. To some, his situation may have seemed like a lost cause, but someone shared God’s love with him and he came to Christ. Obedience doesn’t have to be this huge grandiose thing we do for people. It’s through simple acts of love and just being there in the lives of others.

The SEND Ministries Interns are a group of seven young people who live and serve at the Rosedale International Center (RIC) from January to December. The year is designed to help them mature in their faith and grow as leaders through times of training, mentoring, ministry, and community outreach. Pray that this group would be faithful in bringing God’s redemption to the lives of young people who come to the RIC through encouragement and discipleship.