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In The Way of Jesus: A Book Review

By Ashley, RMM Logistics Coordinator

Missions and discipleship go hand in hand. We see the simplicity of this partnership in Jesus’ final mandate before leaving Earth—“go and make disciples.” Our workers are aiming to do just that, and we love sharing stories of the ways that God is at work through their labors. It’s incredible and humbling to watch God expand his Kingdom around the world, and to play a small part in it.

Sometimes, though, these stories can also be a little discouraging. God is raising up churches in Asia, in Africa, in the Middle East, and people are coming to faith in him in record numbers. But what about here? Sometimes it’s hard to recognize discipleship and growth in the North American church, and it raises the nagging question “where have we gone wrong—and how can we make it right again?”

“...where have we gone wrong—and how can we make it right again?”First time author and longtime disciple-maker Paul Kroeker examines this very thing in his new book, In the Way of Jesus. With over 40 years of discipling and church planting experience, Paul has witnessed rapidly reproducing discipleship firsthand—both internationally and in the North American context. Throughout the book, he unblinkingly examines the ways that the North American church has strayed from Jesus’ model of discipleship, and challenges the church to return to an approach that values personal, authentic, life-on-life discipleship that is necessarily messy but eternally transformative. Filled with personal stories, unique illustrations, and even lessons learned from teaching at the 2015 REACH discipleship training school, In the Way of Jesus is encouraging, convicting, and inspiring.

You can find In the Way of Jesus by Paul Kroeker for purchase on amazon.com or friesenpress.com.

Paul Kroeker is the former Canadian Regional Director for Global Disciples, and is currently working with C2C Network planting churches in Winnipeg, Manitoba and beyond. Rosedale Mennonite Missions has gotten to know Paul well throughout the years at Global Disciples equipping events, and during his visits to the Rosedale International Center to teach at the REACH discipleship training school.