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Hotline to Heaven

By a worker in Spain

As we interact with friends who know of our faith, we are often asked to pray for different aspects of their lives. This can be a great opportunity to show them we care and to provide a simple picture of dependence on God – whether he answers the way we want or not. This story, from workers in Spain, shows the importance of praying for our friends through the ups and downs of life.

Brian,* an American, was the director of the English academy where I teach. Since his sudden death a year and a half ago, his young Spanish wife, Begonia* has assumed that responsibility, along with being a pediatrician and now a single mom with two young boys. We've maintained an ongoing relationship with her, including having them over for the boys' favorite meals: pancakes or tacos. She occasionally asks us to pray for things beyond her power to change, saying we have a hotline to heaven! We are happy to pray, but tell her that she can talk to God as well. She jokingly says that when calling up there, the line is either busy or she is put on hold!

“She and her husband were ready to give up when Begonia said, 'Wait a minute, I have some friends who have a hotline to heaven'”A recent request was for a close childhood friend who couldn't have children, even after trying many modern expensive medical procedures. She and her husband were ready to give up when Begonia said, “Wait a minute, I have some friends who have a hotline to heaven,” and asked if it would be alright to share her friend’s story with us and have us pray for her. Wouldn't you know, the friend became pregnant! Halfway through the pregnancy, when they found out it was a boy, they gave him a name: Gabriel! The birth was by C-section, but there were complications. The baby was fine but the mother hemorrhaged, was transferred to another hospital for emergency surgery and almost lost her life. She recovered and both mom and baby Gabriel are doing fine.

Our prayer for Begonia is that her heart would open to Jesus. Brian had been disillusioned with the church in his younger years and this, along with some not-so-happy experiences as a child with her father, has affected her understanding of a loving, personal God.

*Name changed for privacy