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God’s Not Done Yet: A REACH Update

By Gabbie, Team Spain

Up until last week, our schedules have been pretty routine. Language classes, teaching, babysitting, etc. This last week, however, we went to Antequera, a town about 90 minutes west of Granada, to do some manual labor for the camp Manantiales de Vida (Springs of Life).

We were greeted by our gracious and hospitable hosts and owners of the camp, Glenn and Sue. We got to spend every lunch and dinner with these two around their dining table talking and laughing. Sue prepared every meal and Glenn did the dishes. We offered to help (trust me, we did), but they wouldn’t accept it. Every meal was followed with tea or coffee and dessert. Not only that, we arrived to a giant jar of peanut butter, a rare commodity in Spain, and bags of popcorn. (Confession: We had the peanut butter nearly finished by day three.) They spoiled us so much, and we loved every second of it. Glenn and Sue, thank you for having servant hearts and for being so kind and generous to us four crazy girls.

We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more for the first few days, and then Glenn and Sue took us on an excursion to Ronda, a beautiful Spanish city with a pretty cool bridge. On Friday, we hacked our way through weeds to find the garden underneath. The work was hard. Two days later, we still feel the ache in our muscles and hands, but man, that garden looks good.

“Things are in motion, wars are being fought for the people in this city even if it’s not seen with the human eye.”Accomplishing something with our hands and getting to see immediate results was extremely satisfying. However, immediate results are not something we are accustomed to. With our time coming to an end in Spain, it’s so easy to look back and question what it is we’ve even done here. We may never see the fruit of our presence, what God has been doing through us being here, but we trust him. He brought us here. Things are in motion, wars are being fought for the people in this city even if it’s not seen with the human eye. God’s not done yet, and our small but significant acts of obedience are bringing forth his kingdom little by little. So, my friend, keep fighting the good fight of the faith. What you’re doing matters even if you can’t see it right away. One day, all will be revealed. What a beautiful day that will be.

Please pray that this team would continue to plant and water seeds of God’s love in Spain, even if they cannot see the results of their efforts just yet.

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