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Walk and Talks: A REACH Update

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By Candace, Team Himalayas

Team Himalayas spends much of their outreach time encouraging believers and visiting different villages. Because of the sensitive nature of the region, this team uses creative language to discuss certain spiritual concepts.

We have been in our current village for about three weeks now, and every day has been quite the experience. Lately, we have been finding more time to go to town and talk to store owners and make relationships. A lot can be talked about over a cup of chia (tea)!

Recently we traveled to a village about 2 ½ hours away and stayed there overnight. It was a short time, but it was packed full of “walk and talks” with the Father. There are very few believers in that area, but the passion of the ones there are incredible. They want to share with everyone everywhere! One of the places our team and some local believers walked to was a shop/house of a family who had recently come to faith. “There are very few believers in that area, but the passion of the ones there are incredible. They want to share with everyone everywhere!”We were gladly welcomed in and were given some tea. We sat together and introduced ourselves and then had a time of listening to requests and talking to the Father with the family. We later left with the shopkeeper and he showed us where the land he donated for the Father’s house would be. There is currently no building, but construction is soon to start! We then lifted up to the Father the land that was given and then headed back to where a small fellowship was being held at a house. There was lots of singing and dancing, and then Jared shared.

The next morning we headed towards the mountains to do more walk and talks with the Father. It was about an hour drive and then we arrived! We poured out of the little taxis and started walking. We walked for a ways in silent prayer then we gathered at a house and had a fellowship there where Robert shared. Then we walked to another piece of land where another Father’s house will hopefully be built. After about two hours of walk and talks, we started back. We piled in the taxis and drove back to the shop/house we were at earlier. They fed us an awesome meal of rice, lentils, veggies, and fish. We were all stuffed. We then headed back and had one last fellowship time before we left and they gave us some small gifts. It kind of took me by surprise because we were there for only about two days! But they just keep on giving!

Another experience I would like to share about is our classes. We teach English to a group of all ages, with a majority being little kids. I sat by a lady who is probably in her early thirties and knows very little English. Aaron and Bri were teaching that night and the rest of us were there to help out when needed. As the class went on I could tell the lady wasn’t catching on quite as quickly as some of the others. When class was over I saw her starting to walk home and then I yelled, “Didi! Didi!” (Older sister! Older sister!). As we walked we had our own little English class! We laughed at each other’s pronunciation of the different languages the whole way home. When we got there I had someone write some English words in the local language for her to study. She thanked me several times and it felt good to be able to help, even if it was just English.

It is things like this that aren’t really big but still make you feel good on the inside, and are a great chance to build relationships with the people here. The Father has been teaching me a lot lately and I’m excited for how he will mold and shape me in the remaining months

The Father is doing amazing work in the Himalayas and in this team! Please keep them in your thoughts as they only have three more weeks in this village. Pray that relationships will grow stronger, believers would continue to be encouraged, and the whole village would be exposed to the love of God.