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SEND Interns 2017

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2017 SEND Interns: Paige, Sarah, Josh, Cameron, Amy, Jenny, Janelle

By Lydia Gingerich, RMM staff writer

Each year, from January to December, a group of seven young people come to the Rosedale International Center (RIC) in Columbus, Ohio, to live and serve as SEND Ministries staff interns. The year is designed to help them mature in their faith and grow as leaders through times of training, mentoring, ministry, and community outreach. Throughout the summer and fall, they each play a vital role in facilitating the City Challenge program and REACH Discipleship Training School (DTS). They invest a lot of time and energy into the lives of the many participants of these programs, and also into their daily responsibilities at the RIC.

Paige (Chouteau, Oklahoma)

Paige is one of the hospitality assistants who helps keep the RIC clean and welcoming. She was on the South Asia REACH team last year, working at an orphanage and speaking at churches. While there, she experienced God’s deep love for the nations and how amazing it is that he also loves her. Paige enjoys photography and reading, and is looking forward to this year of being around a group of people who are seeking after God. She is learning to do everything for God’s glory. “Often people think that we can only do big things for his glory, but even in our small mundane tasks, like cleaning or helping someone with something simple, we can do it for him.”

Sarah (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

Sarah is the administrative assistant and is in charge of the mailboxes, worship songs, and the cashbox during REACH DTS. She also helps with organizing REACH applications and other office work. During her outreach to Spain last year, her team spent time growing and learning with a Catholic youth group and sharing Jesus with those around them through building friendships. In Spain she realized that she could be “walking around the city, looking all alone,” but during those times she knew she had a friend in God. Sarah loves going to the beach, reading non-fiction, and hanging out with friends. This year she looks forward to building on current friendships as well as creating new ones.

Josh (Middlebury, Indiana)

A part of Josh’s position as the prayer coordinator requires spending ten hours a week in prayer – alone, with others, as worship. He will also be in charge of the City Challenge Prayer Challenge and will meet with REACH teams once a month for prayer during DTS. Last year on Team Spain he didn’t know the language and didn’t always have friends around, but he learned to rely on God for companionship and confidence. Josh enjoys fishing, mowing, and watching movies with twist endings. “Pouring into those who come for City Challenge and REACH” are among some of the things Josh looks forward to in the coming year.

Cameron (Hartville, Ohio)

Cameron assists Myron Mast, RIC maintenance supervisor, and Jordan Stoltzfus, property manager, by maintaining the RIC grounds. As the facilities assistant he will be mowing the lawn, changing light bulbs, and generally fixing things. Last year, Cameron went to the Himalayas through REACH where his team “did what [they] could to encourage the church through visits and preaching.” Cameron loves playing music – he plays the guitar, bass, drums, and is learning to play piano. This year he looks forward to making God a part of every decision, taking initiative and leaving his comfort zone. He believes that “as believers, we are called to do something with our lives rather than just sitting back and letting it come to us.”

Amy (Salisbury, Pennsylvania)

Amy is the community outreach coordinator and will be setting up outreaches for City Challenge groups and REACH teams. She also hopes to spend time figuring out ways that the RIC can be involved in the community around it. Traveling to Thailand with REACH last year taught Amy to take the opportunities God gives her, even if they seem insignificant – “stepping out in faith and being confident in the fact that God is working.” Amy enjoys creating beautiful images with paints and pencils, and she is also learning to play guitar and piano. One day she desires to use her gifts to help abused or neglected children through art therapy.

Jenny (Au Gres, Michigan)

Jenny is the other hospitality assistant this year. As a part of Team Himalayas last year with REACH, she helped with earthquake relief and encouraged the local church. During outreach, her team did not always know what was next on the schedule, but she learned to be flexible and open to whatever God was bringing them. Jenny loves being outside, especially during the winter when she can ice skate and snowboard. She knows that being in more of a leadership role this year will be challenging, but she is excited to “step into that role and take initiative.”

Janelle (Greenwood, Delaware)

As the food services assistant, Janelle helps Susannah Cotman, RIC food services manager, with food preparations and meal planning. Janelle indicated that during the winter and spring she takes care of the interns, “so I make sure they are not starving to death.” Janelle’s REACH experience was in South Africa, caring for babies at an orphanage, which she says “grew [her] heart for foster care and adoption.” In her free time Janelle likes to take long hikes, or sharpen her drawing and piano skills. As an intern she is excited to meet lots of new people and hear their stories.

Please pray for these interns throughout the year as they disciple and encourage other young people who come to the RIC. Pray for boldness and a strengthening of their faith in God.