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An Invitation to BOOST 2017

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Are you a Christian business person seeking fellowship, encouragement, training, and networking opportunities? The BOOST Business Retreat may be just what you are looking for. Larry and Dot Chupp, Rosedale Business Group Directors, share about their experience at BOOST:

“From the first time Larry and I had the privilege of attending BOOST, we have made a strong effort not to miss this retreat. We have been through many transitions during the last few years and BOOST has served to provide a wealth of connections for us as we worked through these experiences. We find this retreat to be a wonderful gift and a highlight in our year. We find new friends to network with through each stage of our lives. We love the input from the plenary speakers and we are grateful for the quality of individuals CMC provides for BOOST.”

The 2017 BOOST Business Retreat will be held at Hartville Kitchen in Hartville, Ohio, on March 2-4. Register now at www.cmcrosedale.org/events/boost.