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When There Seemed to Be No Way

By Rhonda and Nixson

Rhonda and Nixson joined the RMM Bangkok team as a couple in 2015 after working there separately for a number of years. During this time they have connected with and helped disciple many individuals from Thailand and neighboring countries who have moved to the city for better economic or education opportunities. From their interactions with a Southeast Asian believer, Lit, comes the following story.

At the beginning of 2016, Lit began sharing about his mother’s sickness. Lit had spent most of his money taking her to doctors to get help, but she wasn’t getting better. One of his friends told Lit that there was still one option – he could pray to God. Lit decided to take his mother to some believers in a neighboring village and ask them to pray for her. The believers happily prayed for her and God healed her! After seeing this miracle, Lit and his whole family, except one sister, believed in God.

To thank God for his healing power, Lit wanted to hold a ceremony in his mother’s home. However, in Southeast Asia it is illegal to hold Christian activities without permission from the village leaders. So Lit asked for permission to hold the activity, but his request was denied. Disappointed but undeterred, Lit tried to persuade the village leaders by telling them his mother’s story. He explained how she had suffered for a long time and no doctors could help her. But when the believers prayed for her, God healed her! After hearing what God did for Lit’s mother, the village leaders said there was no way they could refuse him permission to hold the celebration. Lit held the event and many people attended, even two of the village leaders. A few months later, Lit moved back to Bangkok to work. Soon after his move, his nonbelieving sister became sick. After her family prayed for her, she was also healed and then she too believed! The family has all been baptized and continues to grow in their faith, even though they are the only believers in their village.

In Bangkok, Lit has joined fellow seekers and believers that we are working with. It has been so exciting for us to see him grow and take leadership. God has given him a big heart for seeing needs and helping others. He is always willing to do anything asked of him. We believe that God has a plan for Lit and his family. We have seen how God is using Lit in powerful ways among the Southeast Asian community in Bangkok.

Pray for Lit as he grows and continues to share with others. And pray for his family as they shine the light of Jesus in a dark village.

Names omitted or changes for security