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He Knows Their Name: A REACH Update

By Paige, Team Thailand

The REACH teams have now been living in their outreach locations for almost two months and are starting to adjust to new cultures, roles, and climates. Paige, from Team Thailand, reflects on the struggles and joys of living in the city and experiencing God’s heart for the many people around her.

It's easy for me to want to not be in the city anymore. Especially seeing other teams’ pictures of beautiful mountains and beaches. I've realized how much nature makes me feel connected to God and I don't get much of that here. However, I think I would say this about pretty much anywhere I go, I love love love Thai people so much. I have a heart for them and struggle to process how I could possibly make a difference to them and effectively share hope with them. But I've been learning how important and powerful prayer is and how simply loving people sincerely and sharing joy makes a difference. If nothing else, I can return home and have a list of people I've met that I can commit to praying for and know that it is enough because God is in control and I may be the only one in their life lifting them up.

“I don't know these faces – and surely there is always a sea of them all around me – but he does.”Moments spent on dirty, stuffy, crowded buses provide me with such a refreshing perspective. You're crammed together with unfamiliar faces and poor communication abilities, yet you have the authority to invite the father's presence to come into that scene. It's like a race with time to pray for as many of those unfamiliar yet beloved faces as possible before they are off that bus and you whisk by them, knowing you very well may be the only one lifting them up. And you don't even know their names. But there is a mighty, jealous, unrelenting, merciful, and good God who does. So you begin to look at those unfamiliar faces in a new way. Your heart aches for them and suddenly you know you've been given the wonderful burden of feeling a fraction of what the father does towards his lost children. I don't know these faces – and surely there is always a sea of them all around me – but he does. More than that, He calls them each by name. He formed them. I want this to be my view in any place and time. Wherever we are, there are people – all of which he created and loves. He continually invites them to his table. And we're the ones who get to show them their seats that someone else paid for.

Please continue to lift up Paige and the other REACHers as they grow a deeper desire to show God’s love to those around them.

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