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New Beginnings: An Update from Judah and Rayna

Judah and Rayna* recently moved to the Middle East to serve as students while helping to spark a people movement to Jesus in a strategic urban center. To learn more about this couple and their vision for the Middle East, read Getting to Know Judah and Rayna.
After much planning and praying, we have made it to our destination. To fill you all in, we ended up having to push back our arrival time due to our visas taking longer than we hoped in getting processed and back to us. We arrived in the Middle East on October 21. Our flight and everything went smoothly. We are currently staying with a couple in their basement. They have been helpful and we are thankful for this place to stay, temporarily.

There is so much to take in and figure out when coming to a new area. The basics that you normally know at home, you don't know anymore. For example, where is the grocery store? Which bus do I need to take to get to the grocery store? How many groceries can I buy as I will have to be able to carry it all to the house from the bus stop? It can be interesting figuring it all out, but the Father has been helping us.

Pretty much every day we have been going out into the city, exploring. We try to speak some with the locals. It can be interesting trying to understand the language but when you do, it sure feels good. In our exploring we have been searching out different areas of the city, looking and asking the Father as to where we should live. We will see how He directs us.

Please pray for Judah and Rayna as they start language school and look for a place in the city to rent long-term. Also pray that they would not get overwhelmed with everything that needs to be figured out, but rest in the Father's peace.

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