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A Reflection on the 2016 Prayer Conference

On October 21-22, almost a hundred people from all different walks of life gathered at the RIC to reflect on, grow in, and worship through prayer at RMM’s biennial Prayer Conference. The weekend included prayer workshops, a time of worship through prayer led by Merlin Miller, and a session on bold prayer taught by Verlin Haarer. After numerous prayer activities that the participants could choose from on Saturday afternoon, the conference concluded with a time of corporate communion. Mim Musser, RMM’s Prayer Coordinator shares a few highlights of the weekend:
A highlight of the weekend is that it was an intergenerational gathering. My sense is that often in our churches intergenerational interaction doesn’t happen easily because everyone is in a class/group with others close to their age. “There is a richness that is lost when we interact only with people like us…”There is a richness that is lost when we interact only with people like us no matter what age we are or what life season we are in. It was a delight to watch the eighty plus year olds interact with the young REACHers, older parents connecting with a young pregnant mother, and young adults ministering through prayer for persons much older than themselves. I saw a young adult sitting with an older couple most of the weekend. And I saw people of all ages gather around the REACH teams to pray blessings on them as they head for outreach. One attendee, on his evaluation, said a highlight was: "praying with experienced prayers (old people)." Many of those “experienced prayers” said: “keep REACHers in the mix."

Another highlight for me was observing people engage in a variety of prayer opportunities and seeing how some connected more easily with one than another. Some delighted in the corporate prayer times where they prayed out loud with ease, while others much preferred the solo activities where it was just them and God. Many enjoyed prayer through singing of hymns – in fact, one said that was when they pray the best. Praying for healing for fellow participants was a highlight for some while others felt somewhat uncomfortable and remained on the fringes. Many enjoyed using the names of God in a prayer exercise. I left the conference grateful that our prayer lives can remain fresh and growing as we expose ourselves to variety in our expression.