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A Place to Call Home: An Update from Josiah and Sarah

At the end of July, we shared a number of prayer requests for Josiah and Sarah* as their family returned to North Africa. Below is a recent update from Josiah reflecting on their arrival and the way God has provided for them.

In these initial days there have been many reminders of how familiar life is here and why we’re grateful to be back: we’ve had visits with dear local friends, celebrated milestones with teammates, used words and phrases we haven’t thought of in a year, and eaten favorite local fruits. There have also been some reminders that the life we lived for the last year was different, and some accompanying growing pains as we readjust to our North African skin and work out (again) the shape that our marital and parenting relationships take in this culture..

Three years ago, the hunt for a place to live in the mountain town had been more frustrating than we expected, so the prospect of starting again was one we weren’t looking forward to. But we felt peace and rest again and again as we plan to return. A friend in our old neighborhood had offered to check on options, so around the time of our return I texted him. A day or two later he replied that he had an option.

The home was more than what we’d hoped for: around the corner from where we lived previously, a short walk from the children’s school, more hosting space, and some space outside for gardening, play, and work-related learning. I signed the contract today ... we’re so grateful. Thank you for your prayers for that unknown. More lie ahead. Tonight we’re celebrating a place to call home for this next leg of the journey.

*Names changed for security