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Internships: Reflections and an Opportunity

In January of this year, three workers were sent on a six-month internship to teach English and cultivate relationships in the Middle East. Kimble, Leo, and Rivers* were asked to reflect on their time overseas and share ways to pray for the region they were in. Then, Andrew Sauder, the Mobilizing Coordinator for RMM and the BRIDGE Coordinator for RBC discusses the intention behind these internships and how young people who feel called to missions can take this as an opportunity to explore that call.


I saw God working every day. I am not what you would call a teacher, especially an English teacher. Teaching was intimidating and stressful for me. I saw God work in that weakness every day. He gave me the strength for each class—my daily bread. And he moved in the little prayers. For example, during class if there was a tough grammar point and my students weren't getting it or I just couldn't explain it well, I would stop, look at my book, and pray a little prayer. God please help me. And he would every time. Something I won’t forget is the people. They were so friendly, helpful, and hospitable to us. Even surrounded by darkness, they just keep going and don't give up. My prayer is for them. That they would see God. That Jesus would be known. There are a lot of problems in that region of the world, and the only answer is Jesus. Revenge is big there and only Jesus can overcome that. I pray that people would continue to ask questions and that there would be people to walk beside them and show them Christ.

– Kimble

One of the first stories I think of when looking back on my time in the Middle East is from the employee appreciation dinner for the school we worked at. There were about 15 people, both local and foreign, Muslim and Christian. We finished our meal and a few people decided to give speeches about things that happened at the school and what they appreciated. The man sitting next to me, Ahmed,* decided he wanted to say a few words. This was surprising in itself as he is a very shy man. To give you a little background about Ahmed, he has been with the school since the beginning so he knows the ups and downs that they had to overcome with starting the school. To his right was an American woman who was a pioneer in starting the school. Ahmed reflected back on the struggles they had and the things they had to get through in order for the school to open. Keep in mind, this man is a Muslim. Toward the end of his speech, he turned to the American woman and said, "I know the only reason we were able to overcome all of these challenges is because of your faith in Jesus. We need more people like you in this country." My prayer is that more people would be able to see Jesus the way that Ahmed did and recognize the work he is doing.

– Leo

My prayer for this country is simply for more workers. This is a season of change in that part of the world. The younger generation is questioning the faith and traditions of their fathers, and I believe many of them would eagerly accept the truth if they heard it. Sadly, most of them do not hear it and turn instead to agnosticism or atheism. The harvest is plentiful, and I pray for workers to go gather it, regardless of the dangers. We will look back on this point as a pivotal moment in this nation's history—a time where we gave our meager best and God multiplied it to bring peace and truth to one of the most unlikely places on Earth. I pray that this country will be a lighthouse, shining through the chaos around it and kindling an unstoppable fire that spreads to all of the surrounding nations.

– Rivers

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By Andrew Sauder

The purpose of internships is to create a space where young people can discern what God is leading them to do in the future. With the three guys who went to the Middle East, we could see that they were feeling drawn to work with Muslims, and we could see that they were ordering their lives in such a way to be prepared to work in the Middle East long-term. We were more than willing to help them test out that calling.

For those who want to discern if long-term work is in their future, internships are available within any of RMM’s long-term teams in Spain, North Africa, the Middle East, or Thailand. Joining an established team and receiving on-the-job mentoring from seasoned workers is invaluable for anyone who hopes to serve on the mission field. But that is just one side of the coin. Having interns serve alongside our current teams can bring new energy and passion to the work. Sending interns, as individuals or teams, can be enormously valuable and strategic for our long-term goals and vision among unreached people groups.

Alternatively, sending interns to locations where we don’t have long-term workers can also be a huge benefit. For example, RMM doesn’t have any long-term workers in the part of the Middle East where Rivers, Kimble, and Leo served. However, now that we’ve sent them, we know a lot more about opportunities that are available there, as well as potential safety and logistical issues that go along with moving to that area of the world. They made connections within the existing Christian community and learned how RMM could support or be involved with their outreach efforts in the future. These types of trips can make all the difference for RMM as we prepare to send long-term teams to new areas.

Whether an intern joins a current team or brings fresh vision for future work, we hope that it allows them the space to learn and develop as a person and as a disciple of Christ. Both of these scenarios excite us, and we pray that many young people would follow God’s call into the harvest.

RMM handles potential internships on a case-by-case basis. No two assignments are exactly alike, and they take a lot of work, discernment, and preparation from both RMM and the potential intern to make them become a reality. We would love to see people make a one to two year commitment, we would love to see them complete our missions training before going, and we would love to see them show interest in areas of the world where there is little Christian influence. If you have interest in serving as an intern or have questions about the process, please email me at andrews@rmmoffice.org.

*Names changed for security