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“Did you ever doubt that I could provide for you?”

By Amos*

Amos was sent as a pioneer of Rosedale Business Group’s professional placement program this past January to teach English in North Africa (learn more here). A critical component of the program is finding meaningful employment that will provide sustainable income and enable cross-cultural missional living.

I sat in the court square watching taxis and life happen all around me. Men, women, and children all milling about seemingly enjoying life. As I watched, I knew that God cared for them and loved them so deeply.

After maybe three or four hours of sitting and listening to God, I got this idea that I should go visit one of my friends at the restaurant he manages. For some reason I kept thinking that this is a really good idea and I should go see him. So I got up, left the square, and went to the restaurant. Five minutes after I sat down, a middle-aged American man came and sat at a table right beside mine. We started talking and I learned that he is the director of one of the largest English schools in the country. After an hour and a half of conversing with this man, he casually mentioned that he “would love to have me work for the school,” and that I should send in my resume. As I left the restaurant that night, I felt like God said, “Did you ever doubt that I could provide for you?”

I sent in my resume and two weeks later I got a call about coming in for an interview. Five minutes after the interview they offered me a job for a full-time teaching position. I have since started teaching, and the new adjustment has been difficult and stretching, but God’s provision has been incredibly rich.

This job is a huge blessing, as it provides Amos with the opportunity to get his residency with much more ease than normal. The school he works for has extensive connections in the area and can open many doors for him.

*Name changed for security reasons