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A “Model” of Creative Giving

By Lydia Gingerich, RMM staff writer

RMM has recently received a unique gift from a big-hearted donor. It’s a wonderfully vibrant shade of green. For being almost 90 years old, it’s in amazing shape and can outrun us all. It weighs around 2,300 pounds, and if you press the right button, it will let out a boisterous AHOOOGA!

The generous gift is a 1928 Ford Model A Leatherback Fordor in excellent condition. Unlike most other vehicles donated to RMM, this classic ride will not be joining the fleet of cars and vans used for transporting REACH teams and staff. Instead, the vintage automobile will be sold, and the money it generates will go towards powering mission efforts around the world.

The donor, who would like to remain anonymous, originally became acquainted with the work of RMM many years ago through conversations with Levi Miller. When knee injuries made it extremely difficult to operate the clutch, he thought of donating the car instead of selling it for a profit. After 47 years of loving ownership, he rebuilt the engine and got everything in top working order, and then handed the keys to RMM. A generous offering that will grow the kingdom of God.

RMM is delighted and incredibly grateful for this gift, and others like it. In-kind donations of supplies, food, and practical items to use or sell have been an important asset to us over the years. One example of this is a hardware store in Ohio that donates tools and other supplies to RMM on a regular basis. The ability to give in this way is exciting for RMM because it allows for a wider range of people to give whatever they are uniquely able to—whether it is money or other assets.

RMM is auctioning off the Model A on eBay, if you or someone you know is interested in purchasing the vehicle, please visit: http://r.ebay.com/hQHmFz.

Other Creative Ways to Give

Many people do not realize all of the various ways that people can give to ministries. Along with gifts such as vehicles, equipment, etc., there are a number of methods to set up your finances so that churches or non-profit ministries can be blessed. The following are a few of those ways:
  • Bequest at your death. You can structure your will or living trust so that your estate includes a gift to a charity important to you.
  • Donor-advised fund. This fund is a unique, flexible way to give to a charity and receive the tax benefits that go with it.
  • Gift annuities. These are funds that will provide you with an income for life while giving the balance of funds to a charity at your death.
  • Gift of real estate, stock, or IRA. These are investments that can be donated to a charity and receive tax benefits in return.
If you want more information on all or any of these planned giving tools, talk to a financial advisor or visit www.everence.com/gift-planning/.