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A Day in the Life

By Anna, RMM Worker in Thailand

Anna is sent by London Christian Fellowship of London, Ohio in partnership with RMM and our Thailand team as a covenant worker. She is employed as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher in Bangkok. In addition to her work and ministry at the school, she is also working with the RMM team to disciple seekers and new believers through the formation of small, reproducing groups.

Hello and welcome to a day in my life! I have lived and served in Thailand as a teacher for three years. I am currently teaching ESL at International Community School in Bangkok, Thailand. I hope you enjoy this short trip with me.
It’s a new day! Each morning my friend and I walk down our little side street, or soi, to the main road where we catch a taxi. After a short taxi ride, we arrive at school.

I arrive at school around 6:45 a.m. each day. Once at school, I prepare materials for my lessons that day and attend staff devotions. We have a rotation of different devotional activities, including worship, prayer, and speakers, each week. Today is Tuesday, so I will be praying with the other elementary staff in small groups.
After devotions, we begin our day with Thailand’s national anthem and prayer. Then, I begin teaching. I teach kindergarten through fifth grade. A small group from each grade comes to meet with me for forty-five minutes every day. We focus on their English language skills, such as building vocabulary and grammar skills.
While my school day remains fairly consistent, my after school activities change depending on the day. On Tuesdays, I learn Thai from a fellow teacher at school. I also try to work out regularly. One of my favorite ways to stay fit is running with my running buddy. When the weather is cooler, we go to our favorite Nong Bon Sports Park. It has a four kilometer trail that encircles a lake.
Here we are at the end of another day. I feel so blessed to teach here in Thailand. God’s provision and love amaze me. Thank you to all whose prayers support me as I live each day here!