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Introducing the 2016 SEND Interns

2016 SEND Interns: Jada, Joel, Trey, Alisha, Trevor, Eric, Regina

By Lydia Gingerich, RMM staff writer

SEND Ministries staff internships are primarily designed to help young adults mature in their faith through training in leadership, ministry, and service. Interns are then given opportunities to put these lessons into practice through service and ministry opportunities, intercession, work projects, leadership of SEND programs, direct ministry to program participants, and job functions specific to each intern position. Interns meet regularly with a job mentor who provides teaching, advice, and direction specific to their job position and function. The staff interns work together as a team under the leadership and oversight of the SEND Ministries Program Facilitators, Brian and Brittany Troyer.

The 2016 interns have enjoyed their first month at the RIC, serving in their various positions and forming bonds with each other through Nerf battles, weird noise contests, and singing songs about peeling bananas. Here is a bit more about each of them:

Joel, Salisbury Pennsylvania

Looking at the year ahead of him, Joel is excited to “learn a lot more about prayer.” As the Prayer Coordinator, Joel spends ten hours of his week in focused prayer for RMM. Some days this looks like three hours of prayer covering different topics, and other days this looks like half an hour of prayer on a specific aspect of RMM, such as a REACH team. Along with learning about prayer, Joel hopes to impact the lives of REACH participants in DTS in the same positive way that his life was impacted. During his own REACH experience in Spain last year, Joel learned that even within Christian circles, people can be quite diverse from one another, and that flexibility is needed in those relationships.

Trevor, Berlin Ohio

Trevor spends much of his time in email correspondence with possible outreach locations around Columbus. As the Community Outreach Coordinator, he is in charge of making sure that the City Challenge and REACH participants have a variety of beneficial locations for service during their time here. In his free time he enjoys drawing, rock climbing, playing the ukulele, and basketball. The diversity of the outreaches he is looking into excites him, and he hopes to visit all of them in the upcoming months. Trevor was also a part of the Spain REACH team last year, where he learned that some people “think a lot differently than we do,” and gained a larger worldview.

Alisha, Plain City Ohio

As one of the Hospitality Assistants, Alisha spends her time cleaning things, making beds, and smelling like bleach. Alisha has been enjoying getting to know the other interns and refreshing them with her Exceptionally Good Iced Sweet Tea with Lemon (recipe below). She went to South Asia as a part of a REACH team last year where she learned the value of flexibility and having a positive attitude as their team faced numerous unexpected hurdles.

Alisha’s Exceptionally Good Iced Sweet Tea with Lemon

  • An amount of water that fills a pitcher, divided
  • 1 ½ cups sugar
  • 8 Lipton tea bags
  • ½ cup Real Lemon juice
Boil some of the water. Add tea bags and steep for at least two minutes. Add sugar and lemon juice. Stir. Add rest of water and ice. Stir again. Drink, and share with others.

Trey, Hartville Ohio

Trey’s internship as the Facilities Assistant includes taking out the trash, checking the building for anything that needs to be fixed or cleaned up, and snow plowing/mowing (as the weather requires). He assists the Maintenance Supervisor, Myron Mast, and Property Manager, Jordan Stoltzfus in their work here at the RIC. Trey, who enjoys lifting weights and wrestling, is excited for the physical labor he will do this year. He has been a participant in both City Challenge and REACH, and he looks forward to serving in programs in an internship role. In his time on the Himalayas REACH team last year, Trey learned the importance of patience and genuine friendship in evangelism.

Eric, Sugarcreek Ohio

Eric is the Administrative Assistant and helps SEND’s Logistics Coordinator, Ashley West, by doing jobs such as filing, organizing the library, and processing REACH paperwork. During his time with REACH in South Asia, Eric took a plethora of selfies with animals and learned to depend on God every day. This year, Eric seeks to gain patience and discipline from a closer communion with God. Although Eric already knows the other interns fairly well, he is still learning new things from them: such as how to make a tasty taco salad (recipe below).

All of the other Interns’ Hot Taco Salad (as told by Eric)

  • Kidney beans
  • Refried beans
  • Hamburger
  • Onions
  • Lettuce
  • Sour Cream
  • Cheese
  • Doritos
Heat up kidney beans and refried beans. Add hamburger and onions. Top with lettuce, sour cream, cheese, and Doritos.

Jada, Abbeville South Carolina

Jada is the Food Services Assistant, assisting the RIC Food Services Manager, Susannah Cotman. This past summer, she worked as an assistant chef in a café, but she is excited to learn other aspects of working in a kitchen, such as shopping and budgeting. She is also looking forward to growing close to the other interns as they work together in different ways this year. Like her former REACH teammates, Alisha and Eric, Jada learned a lot about trust during her time in South Asia. She says that “a lot of the circumstances that happened to our team and back at home” made it so that she “really really had to trust God, even if things didn’t make sense.” Unlike her former REACH teammates (and contrary to what her internship title would imply), Jada did not have a recipe to share.

Regina, Sarasota Florida

Regina works with Alisha as a Hospitality Assistant to Kristyn Byler, the RIC Hospitality Manager. They help by cleaning and prepping the RIC before the arrival of guests. Regina has enjoyed her time working at the RIC, as well as serving with different programs in Columbus. As a part of the Himalayas REACH team, Regina spent a lot of time praying and processing with God. She learned dependency in the face of difficulties with cultural differences and team dynamics. Mentoring young people is a passion of Regina’s, and she looks forward to the opportunities to pursue this in the year ahead.