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New CFO takes up the reins at RMM

About three years ago Jerry and Donna began to feel that their time in the Hudson Valley of New York was coming to an end. Jerry had a comfortable job working in corporate finance with IBM. Donna had enjoyed home schooling their four children in a lovely old home they’d remodeled and they were deeply involved in a local Assemblies of God congregation.

Life was good. Along with teaching their children all the way through high school, Donna also directed women’s ministries at the church. Jerry worked as a church trustee for 12 years and a deacon for three. They enjoyed hosting and leading a wide variety of small groups.

But there was a strange stirring in their spirits. Was God asking them to make a drastic, mid-life career switch? They’d spent almost two years in Kenya shortly after their marriage in 1983 before going back to school and beginning work for IBM in 1990.

Both Jerry and Donna had grown up in the Baltimore (MD) region, attending congregations that are part of Lancaster Mennonite Conference. They’d been in youth group together, and Jerry attended RBC 1979-80.

Then suddenly in September 2013 IBM sold Jerry’s division to Lenovo which quickly offered a buy-out to all senior staff. Jerry and Donna couldn’t help but feel that God had been preparing them for this all along. They took Lenovo up on their offer – and were suddenly jobless.

Meanwhile their son Andrew, who had taken a job as director of the Bridge program for RMM and RBC, alerted them to a job opening at RMM. CFO Keith Scheffel was moving on to another job.

“You ought to apply for the CFO job at RMM,” Andrew urged his dad.

“Donna and I had already been thinking seriously about an overseas mission assignment,” Jerry said, “Perhaps going back to Africa or somewhere in the 10/40 window. As we prayed and sought God’s direction, I heard two separate messages which used Exodus 4:2 as a text. Here God asks Moses, ‘What is in your hand?’

“The gist of both messages was that we should use the gifts and skills we already have in service to God rather than seeking to do something completely different. I took this as a confirmation that I should seek the position with RMM.”“The gist of both messages was that we should use the gifts and skills we already have in service to God rather than seeking to do something completely different. I took this as a confirmation that I should seek the position with RMM.”

For the year after he left IBM Jerry and Donna volunteered for RMM in various capacities. From their home in New York, Jerry travelled to Thailand to consult with the RMM Executive Team and met with the board to familiarize himself with RMM programs. Both Jerry and Donna assisted with hospitality and running sound at the RIC during the International Missions Association last July.

Then RMM offered Jerry the CFO role. He began work in January 2016, and they’ve temporarily rented an apartment just a mile from the RIC as they continue to explore a more permanent home.

“Honestly we don’t know what God will do in this next season of our lives,” Jerry said. “What I do know is that I strongly support RMM vision to reach out to the least-reached peoples of the world. I’m very excited to have even a small part in enabling workers getting to the field in response to God’s call on their lives. I love hearing stories of lives changed by the lordship of Jesus.

“But mission isn’t only happening out there somewhere,” he added. “We’re excited about getting involved here in Columbus, perhaps among students or other new immigrants, as God opens doors. It’s taking longer than we hoped to sell our home in New York. Meanwhile we’re exploring Columbus, praying that the Lord will lead us to the right community for the next phase of ministry.”

Although Jerry and Donna are new to CMC, three of their four children graduated from RBC. Andrew, their second, served on three REACH teams before enrolling at RBC and then moving on to his current role as director of the Bridge program.

“I’m on a learning curve as we connect with RMM’s core constituency,” Jerry said. “But I’m excited about what I’m seeing. It’s solid, non-flashy, incarnational. Besides the financial and logistics work I’m picking up for RMM I’m also passionate about getting involved in recruiting and encouraging people in missions. It’s exciting to see mission vision growing among us.”

When he’s not working at RMM you might find Jerry cooking – he enjoys baking bread. And he loves rooting for Baltimore or Notre Dame sports’ teams. (He got a BA in Economics from University of Maryland and an MBA from Notre Dame.)

We’ll see how long that lasts in the Buckeye state!

Thanking Andrew Miller:
Director of Partnership Development

Before Jerry joined the RMM staff as CFO in January 2016, Andrew Miller stepped in for 10 months to serve as interim CFO. Now with one less “hat” to wear, Miller is glad to give full-time to his primary role as Director of Partnership Development for RMM.

In this broad networking role throughout CMC, Miller is “on the road” for almost a third of his time. Most recently he joined the Ride for Missions in Sarasota, a first-time event in Florida. In addition, Miller is director of the Rosedale International Center.

If you have questions about RMM or about how your congregation can get more deeply involved in the work of God “across the street and around the world,” give Miller a call at: 614-2589-4780 or email him at andrewm@rmmoffice.org. He’d also be glad to visit your congregation, or arrange for the visit of another RMM worker or staff person.