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Help! We need you!

RIC calling for volunteers to assist with facilities.

Each year hundreds of people come through the doors of the Rosedale International Center. It gives us joy to offer hospitality and peace in the midst of a busy world. Many of them have stated how much the hospitality has blessed them.

A large part of this hospitality is making sure our facilities are kept clean and functional for guests. With the many rental groups, City Challenge, REACH, and other responsibilities our staff have a hard time getting everything done.

Last year we asked for a few volunteers to help during several extra busy weeks. They were a big help, and we were very grateful for the assistance. As we look ahead to the events and projects scheduled for 2016 we are again calling for volunteers who can give of their time and skills.

Whatever your gifts, you could be of great help to us! Work projects may include yard work, deep cleaning, washing windows and blinds, painting, laundry, etc. Volunteering at the RIC also gives the RMM staff and workers an opportunity to get to know you. It also gives you an opportunity to see our building and grounds, meet our staff, and learn about all the ways God is working through RMM ministries.

If you are interested in bringing a group or work team for a day or two, volunteering on your own, or if you have any questions, please contact Kristyn Byler, the RIC Hospitality Manager, at ric@rmmoffice.org or call 614-258-4780 so we can schedule a time for your service.