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Dreaming Big

By Morgan Winter, REACH Team Canada

When God created mankind, Genesis tells us that He created us in His image. In this way, many of our most basic characteristics are direct reflections of God’s character. Our capacity to love, laugh, create, and dream are all derived from who God is. God imagined and crafted everything we know to exist; He is a masterful artist and certainly the greatest inventor. So it makes sense that God would choose to relate to His creation in an amazingly creative way: dreams.

Throughout the Bible, God reveals himself and his plans to many people through dreams. One such example kept sticking out to me this week, and that is the story of Joseph. Even though he was a simple shepherd, God revealed to Joseph through his dreams that one day his whole family would bow down to him. A dream like that seems nothing short of a miracle; and yet we read that even after Joseph was sold as a slave, wrongly accused, and imprisoned, he never stopped believing in God or his dream. “When everything is falling apart, remember that it doesn’t mean God has left, it just means He is the only thing left to hold on to."Joseph’s life stands as an amazing testament that when God gives you a dream, nothing and no one can take it away. When Joseph’s brother threw him in the pit, did God have to frantically run about, trying to figure out how to get his promise back on track? Of course not. God knows the beginning from the end, and he knows everything that is going to happen. That makes the promises that he gives infallible.

As if that weren’t enough, God is also a God of provision. Dreams given and inspired by God are always followed by unwavering faithfulness. Let’s break that down. Unwavering is defined as firmly determined or resolute, unshakable. Faithful is defined as reliable, trusted, and believed. When God makes promises, we should have no problem in believing with our whole heart and soul that they are true. Yet, so many times we lose hope and faith in God. Joseph was at the lowest point he had ever been before God fulfilled his dream. There was no evidence of God’s faithfulness in Joseph’s life for twelve years, yet he continued to profess it to others. God gives us plenty of opportunities to have complete faith in him. When everything is falling apart, remember that it doesn’t mean God has left, it just means he is the only thing left to hold on to.

This week I have had the opportunity to see and hear about many dreams that God is giving the people of this city. From the young people at Urban Abby who have a vision for a 24/7 open-door facility, to the retired pastors seeking after new plans for the future. Even within our team, God has been stirring visions for youth centers, ranches, and revivals. We believe in a God who does amazing things, we see the truth of his promises, and we dream big.