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Where God Needs Me to Be

Update from Alaina,* RMM worker in North Africa

I can hardly believe that it has been seven weeks already since I have been here in North Africa! It simultaneously feels as if I have just arrived but also have been here for ages. It’s an odd feeling. Life is good here, and I find that I really enjoy it! I live with two other women in an apartment in what would be considered downtown of the New City. Living on the fifth floor of an apartment building in a city has been quite the adjustment for me! Many nights, as I listen to traffic or hear people in neighboring apartments clatter around in their kitchens, I miss the peace and quiet of a Midwestern American evening. Despite the newness of the location, my living situation is good! I get along very well with my roommates and the apartment is nice and comfortable.

On my average day, I leave my apartment at about 8:00 in the morning and walk approximately 25 minutes across the city to Raleigh and Opal’s home. I then study language from 8:30‐11:45. Language has been good for the most part, but definitely challenging, and riddled with frustration when my brain cannot seem to absorb any more information. Far too often, I’m left stammering in response to a simple question. I am very thankful for the opportunity to study language and it has already been quite useful on multiple occasions. Next week is my final full week of language class, but I am hoping to continue learning informally through interactions, etc.

“Life here has been good. Some days are hard and I miss home and family a lot, but I am constantly reminded that I am where God needs me to be and in his plan.”After language, I have lunch with Raleigh and Opal and the kids, which is my favorite part of the day. It’s nice to have interactions that feel like family. Raleigh and Opal have more or less adopted me and do their utmost to make sure that I am taken care of. We get along well and it is a joy to serve beside them!

At 1:00 p.m., Raleigh and Opal begin their lessons, at which point I take on the task of taking care of Robbie and Anna. Robbie is three and coupled with a usually cheerful disposition and the ability to be entertained by a string of beads for hours, he is usually quite easy to care for. As with any child, he has his days when I want to wring my hands and weep, but for the most part, he is a joy to look after. I have already come a long way in knowing how he makes his needs known and simply knowing how to care for him. Special needs are a new frontier for me, but it is going well. Anna is an adorable bundle of mischief! Her favorite places to play include the cupboard where the pots and pans are kept and the basket where the shoes are stowed. Anna has a strong opinion about many things and never hesitates to make those opinions known. Our usual interactions consist of me chasing her in order to catch her and tickle her and reading books. Both of the kids have thoroughly captured my heart and I can happily say that I love my job!

My official work day ends at about 4:15 when Raleigh and Opal get out of language class, but I like to stay at their house for a little while. It is nice to have a sense of family and community. Life here has been good. Some days are hard and I miss home and family a lot, but I am constantly reminded that I am where God needs me to be and in his plan.

Some prayer requests:

  • Continued peace in where God has placed me and happiness in my situation
  • For wisdom and grace on days that the kids just do not want to corporate
  • Continued reliance on Christ in all things
  • I also still need some financial support to come in, so prayers for that would be appreciated

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*Name changed for security reasons.