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REACH Thailand: Our First Impressions

Update from the REACH Thailand blog

One thing I noticed when we first arrived in Thailand was how kind the Thai people are. They’re so willing to help you with whatever you need. Whenever you pass one of them on the street, they will normally say hello to you and give you a kind smile. It’s neat to see how helpful they are towards one another.
– Kayla

Meeting with the rest of the long-term Thailand team this morning for church was incredibly refreshing. It was an awesome time of fellowship, worship, and Bible study. It was good for me because it made me feel the reality of being here in Thailand, and what our mission is while we are here. It brought my focus back and was recharging.
– Amy

One highlight for me, or you could say struggle, has been communicating with the Thai people. It seems so hopeless when looking at the food menus and trying to figure out how to communicate what I want. Even though it is difficult, one thing I’ve learned is they are very patient with us and try to make sure we are both on the same page. We may not speak the same language but we can still communicate with each other, as long as we are willing to try.
– Steve

One of the long-term Nicaragua team members described coming to Thailand and learning the language as “being born again” and it’s true in many ways! My halting and slow speech often makes me feel like a 3-year-old. I hope that my smile is enough to express my good intentions when language fails me. Trying new foods and textures is fun! Typically, I wish for a nap each afternoon due to the heat but I’m making progress on jet lag so I haven’t given in… yet. Each day has held a new adventure of its own! I hope the little things in life will continue to bring me joy – like learning where to refill our jugs of drinking water. Please pray that I can take my many mistakes and stumbles like a child, and get back up to try again, and again, and again. God’s mercies are new every morning and I want to be living proof that it’s true!
– Naomi

A huge highlight here is most definitely the food! Most of our food we get from street vendors that are not too far from the apartments. It’s been a struggle at times ordering food and communicating with the vendors about what exactly you want (and even figuring out what exactly they serve at times). But all the food that I have had so far has been scrumptious and I have yet to have a Thai dish that was too spicy!
– Derrick

Prayer Items:

We started Thai language classes Monday, Dec 7. Class is every afternoon from 1-4 including weekends. The language school has set up a special course to help us complete an entire module booklet by Christmas Eve. It’ll be an intense three-week program! We’ll have lots to celebrate at Christmas!

Please pray that we’ll be able to focus each day in class and find Thai friends in the neighborhood who we can practice with regularly. We need ears that can differentiate the tones for each word, minds that can retain all the new vocabulary each day, and courage to use the phrases we’ve learned.

Also, pray for quality sleep as we continue to adjust from jet-lag and leave cold Ohio winter for the hot and humid weather in Thailand.

Continued prayers for team unity and ongoing positive team communication habits are always appreciated!

Thank you for your support as we create new routines and find a healthy daily rhythm!