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Snapshot: SEND Ministries Staff Interns

By Brian and Brittany Troyer

A huge part of our job as REACH program facilitators is working with the SEND Ministries staff interns. Every year, we invite seven individuals (usually REACH alumni) to join us for a year-long internship. They spend the year serving in one of six roles: Prayer Coordinator, Outreach Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Kitchen Assistant, Facilities Assistant, and two Hospitality Assistants. During the winter and spring we spend time developing our interns as leaders and unifying them as a team. This time is meant to prepare them for leading out during City Challenge and REACH Discipleship Training School.

City Challenge is always a stretching time for them but it ends up being very rewarding as well. Afterward, they are encouraged to look for the ways God spoke through them and used them to impact City Challengers.

REACH training tends to be the favorite part of their internship, so it’s a great way to end their year with us. The interns walk beside the REACHers and share their life experiences as a way of relating, encouraging, and challenging them.

It’s safe to say that the RIC, SEND Ministries, City Challenge, and REACH wouldn’t be able to function without our staff interns! We have been so blessed with all the wonderful people who have volunteered a year of their lives to give towards building the kingdom of God here in Columbus. So whether you’ve been a staff intern in the past or are a current staff intern, WE APPRECIATE YOU! Thank you for all you do!