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Obeying Jesus’ Command to Go: A New Step for the Latin American Missions Partnership

By Dion & Naty Peachey

“From the moment I heard how many unreached peoples there were without the chance to know Christ, I knew that I couldn’t just keep my arms crossed without doing something.” That is how Patty Córdova* describes her call to go to the nations. Patty will be the first Latin American Missions Partnership (LAMP) worker to be sent from Ecuador to this less-reached region of North Africa.

Patty, like some of us, had the privilege of hearing the good news of Jesus during her childhood and about 20 years ago, she surrendered her life back to the Father as she was reading the New Testament in her apartment. That commitment wasn’t easy to fulfill as she moved through times of faith and doubt, progress and failure. Yet God was faithful in spite of her unfaithfulness and led her on toward life transformation and direction for the future.

Service has been at the center of Patty’s life for many years. She has served as a deaconess and teacher in the La Paz Mennonite Church in her coastal city of Manta. God worked through her to complete her university studies to earn Ecuador’s equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in secondary education in 1996. Since then she has been working as a teacher and more recently as director of the elementary school that meets at her church’s facility.

In 1999, Patty participated in SEMBRAR, (to plant in Spanish) Ecuador’s version of the REACH program. SEMBRAR was started by REACH alumnus Ernesto Cárdenas in 1998 as a way to disciple and plant global missions vision in the hearts of the young people of Ecuador. It was during the time of discipleship training in SEMBRAR that she first felt God calling her to go to the lost and unreached. It has been a long time since Patty first heard the call and at times she’s wondered if this dream would be realized, but God has been faithful. Through prayer, Bible study, teaching and cultural training God has kept his call alive through times of trials and doubt.

Now, as she prepares to leave for North Africa in late October, she asks that we pray that the Holy Spirit would give her much wisdom as she adjusts to a new culture and language that are very different from her own. Pray that she would be able to develop good relationships with the people she encounters and serves. Pray also that God would protect her and give her health as she adjusts to the new foods and climate.

In North Africa, Patty will be working at a school for children and young adults with special needs. This school was established by an NGO from Spain, so Patty will be able to work with a Spanish-speaking team. Her goal is to share the love of God through her relationships with students and staff at the school, praying that God would lead them to salvation through his son. She also hopes to find ways that others can come to North Africa to join in the work there.

If you’d like to support Patty financially, you can visit donate.rmmweb.org, and designate the gift for Patty Córdova. For more information about LAMP, email info@rmmweb.org.

*Name changed for security reasons.