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Returning to the Fields

Getting Reacquainted with Sheryl Hostetler, RMM Associated Worker in Ecuador

Sheryl Hostetler, an associated worker sent by Maple City Chapel and RMM, is a familiar face to many at RMM. She previously worked with RMM in Ecuador from 1985-1991 and 1993-2002. During that period, much of her work was focused on at-risk children and teens who were abused and neglected, and often abandoned to live on the streets.

As a result of her work with children, Sheryl was involved in the creation of the Shekinah Foundation, a place where children could live in safety until they were reintegrated with their families, or relatives. Now, after 13 years working in health care in the United States, Sheryl has been invited by the Ecuadorian Mennonite Church to return to Manta to fill the need for a spiritual caregiver at the Shekinah Foundation.

In this role, she will provide spiritual assistance to the children at the foundation, visit the families of children and coordinate group visits from the local Mennonite churches to the children and their families.

In her spare time, Sheryl enjoys being with friends, reading, and putting together puzzles. She is looking forward to reconnecting with friends and living life at a little slower pace on her return to Ecuador.

RMM is excited for the opportunity to work with Sheryl again, and looks forward to seeing God move through her work in Manta. Please pray for wisdom, strength and the ability to see others through God's eyes for Sheryl as she goes.