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Familiar Faces Taking on a New Role

Introducing: Richard and Jewel

Richard and Jewel have been appointed as covenant workers with Rosedale Mennonite Missions to serve as global mission consultants on specific assignments. This appointment gives them flexibility to serve in ways which are not full-time but which utilize their gifts as particular mission needs arise.

Richard and Jewel have been engaged in church planting, mission, and mission administration throughout their lifetime. Richard grew up in the hills of Kentucky (and still loves "soup beans") where his parents served as pioneer church planters with RMM. Jewel grew up in Ethiopia (ever tried injera or wat?) where her parents served as pioneer missionaries with Eastern Mennonite Missions. Richard remembers saying good-bye to Jewel's family in New York City when they sailed for Ethiopia—he was four and she was one.

Richard's first adult mission assignment was serving as Assistant Service Director at RMM alongside Mark Peachey, his mentor and supervisor, from 1968 to 1970. Later, Richard and Jewel served as pioneer missionaries with RMM in the Middle East (have a piece of baklava!) from 1982 to 1989 under the supervision of David I. Miller, RMM president.

Other church planting and mission-related activities they have engaged in are assistant pastoral service with Mel Shetler in the beginnings of Maple City Chapel (1973-74); Voluntary Service in Downey, California (1974-76); beginnings of Mechanicsburg Christian Fellowship (1977-82); service with Regions Beyond Ministry in Kenya (1982); mission initiatives (Akwachink, Reach) at Rosedale Bible Institute (1989-94); mission administration at Eastern Mennonite Missions (1994-2011); and service in China (2012-2014).

Today, in addition to their role with RMM, Richard and Jewel serve the global church as resource persons in counsel, writing, and teaching as invited. They welcome their new appointment as an appropriate continuation of lifelong engagements in the RMM family.