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Completely Terrified; Beyond Excited

Introducing Alaina, RMM Assistant in North Africa

Names changed for security reasons

Over the long Labor Day weekend, while most Americans rested, RMM workers Raleigh and Opal (Getting to Know: Raleigh and Opal) and their children Robbie and Anna departed for their assignment in North Africa.

Raleigh and Opal plan to spend roughly a year studying the local languages and getting to know the culture. Studying multiple languages simultaneously takes tremendous concentration and mental energy. Caring for two young children, especially in an unfamiliar culture also takes tremendous concentration and mental energy. Recognizing that it would be almost impossible to do both at once, Raleigh and Opal made arrangements for someone to accompany them to take care of Robbie and Anna while their parents were studying.

At the beginning of July, roughly two months from their scheduled departure, the childcare plans fell through. Raleigh and Opal were left scrambling—looking and praying for someone who was willing to commit to a lengthy stay in North Africa. A general appeal was distributed to CMC churches, and within two weeks of their original plans falling through, Raleigh and Opal had received multiple inquiries. After some further conversations, discernment, and a brief face-to-face meeting, it was decided that Alaina would accompany the family to North Africa and provide childcare during the most intense period of language study and cultural adjustment.

“I know that this will be the hardest thing I've ever done. However, I am beyond excited to see how God works in me and through me during this experience."Alaina is a recent Bible college graduate from a Mennonite community in rural Ohio. She also has experience in childcare, both informal experience in caring for younger siblings, and formal experience working at a daycare center.

Although she has studied abroad in both Europe and Africa, this assignment represents a new adventure for Alaina—leaving a tight-knit Mennonite community in the countryside to live and work in a busy city where Islam is the majority religion. She says of the transition, "I’m completely terrified about being thrown so far outside of my comfort zone. I know that this will be the hardest thing I've ever done. However, I am beyond excited to see how God works in me and through me during this experience."

Alaina’s assignment will last eight months, after which she hopes to, "…Return to college to get my bachelor’s and work on applying the values and knowledge from my experience to my life." One goal she has for this time is to, "Grow exponentially in my relationship with God as well as form a better understanding of Islam and how to effectively reach out to Muslims."

In her spare time, Alaina loves socializing with friends and family, baking for friends and family, and playing soccer.

We praise God for Alaina’s willingness to step into the breach at such short notice. Please pray for her safety, for good connections with the children and their parents, good connections with the local community, that this would be a time of personal growth, and that God would bless Alaina’s willingness to go to build his kingdom in North Africa.

If you’d like to partner with Alaina, you can join her team of supporters today at donate.rmmweb.org. If you'd like to receive news and prayer updates from Alaina, email your contact information to info@rmmoffice.org.